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[Official Team seeks Players]
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EazyPeazy looking for diamonds and above!
Hello out there in the esport world! 
My name is ZonC and i am the Clan Leader for the upcoming clan EazyPeazy! We are a fully swedish clan there we speak swedish only, both on homepage and ingame.  
We practise 3 times/week and working on getting to masters for all our players. Right now we have 2 masters and some people on their way to get up.

We are even starting to create tournaments and stuff, our goal is to be one of the biggest swedish Starcraft 2 clans there is.

If this sounds interesting or have any questions, please visit us @ our homepage:
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Team ErroX is recruiting players, admins and editors/designers! (ps3 and pc)
We are a brand new gaming team! Players are the bricks of our wall of fame.
Interested? read below and be sure to visit www.teamerrox.net
What we want from you as player:
- skill bar low (-------o--) high
- act like an mature
- we would like if you have a headset but not needed
- being very active!

as admin :
- everything a player needs
- you need to get our trust
- are very socail

as editor/designer you should contact me personnaly. using the site www.teamerrox.net

Why join us? as a brandnew gaming community we want to grow fast to the top if you join us early you can growh together with us also we will be holding intern tournaments and probably soon have our ownservers.

How to join? go to www.teamerrox.net and go to recruitment
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Team dmS is recruiting players. Players are the bricks of our wall of fame.
Interested? read below and be sure to visit www.diamondzskills.xaa.pl

What we want from you as player: 
- skill bar low (-------o--) high
- act like an mature
- we would like if you have a headset but not needed
- being very active!

as admin :
- everything a player needs
- you need to get our trust 
- are very socail 

Why join us? as a brandnew gaming community we want to grow fast to the top if you join us early you can growh together with us also we will be holding intern tournaments and probably soon have our ownservers.

How to join? go to www.diamondzskills.xaa.pl or msg me in asl and go to recruitment
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Team Exit !

Team Exit is looking for 1 player (or a team wich-)who is playing Starcraft 2 very good. Team Exit started in League of Legends and was founded by Uthilos (Steffen 'Uthi' L.) who is still the leader. Now we want to get bigger so we decided to search Starcraft 2 player for the clan.


- Headset
- Ts3
- Fun in playing Starcraft 2
- Friendly Personaliti
- at least Gold Ranked

Contact me on esl , skype : chavui2010 , steam : nightboy2010.
I hope for some request and i am happy about everyone who write me.

Team Exit.
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Hello, im from team sfc_, SC2 gaming  team ( http://www.esl.eu/hr/team/5315137/ ), and we are searching some Multigaming organization that we can join, to play for, with some sponsors included.

Msg me, if you interested about us and for more infos.

Regards, HighART
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Server: Europe

Team Name:First Tech

Leader/Managers: Hiddenz - FirstTechTV / Ichi#344  @Battlenet

Clan Channel: FTC @ battlenet / FTC @ Quakenet

General Team League Level: Masters ( Minimum 700 Points.)
We are looking to recruit all player regardless of nationality, race, or anything along those lines. So long as you can speak fluent English, all are welcome emoticon-grin

In order to join us, you need to meet these requirements:
- Be Master and have 700pts+ when the season is ending
- Be motivated
- Make time to play with teammate to practice and compete in online cups
- Play to improve your skill and be the best
- Have Teamspeak and a working microphone

- Active - this is very important to us

- We are also looking for 2v2 teams


Our players:
Misspo http://sc2ranks.com/eu/1660319/MiSspO
Cast http://sc2ranks.com/eu/1198171/cast
$CATMAN : http://sc2ranks.com/eu/2479383/NAMTACS
TasKforce: http://sc2ranks.com/eu/1364841/tasKforce

Goals of team:
To represent FirstTech to the best of your/our ability.
We are all looking for individuals with a good attitude and who show respect to all.
You will be representing us in both Offline and Online games/events, and as such earning a reputation for both yourself and us.
The team is aiming to be active and to compete in as many team competitions ( as well as solo competitions ) as possible.
We hope to become a well known organisation in the SC2 scene, both for our professionalism and our ability in game.

The team is aiming to be stable and active, with games taking place regularly. Our aim is to play most week days where possible. We are really looking for people who are ready to progress and that are motivated to improve. (Being a real geek is actually a plus for us!)
If you want to be a part of community and having fun with us, we have a 512 slot TS3 server dedicated for our community, so don’t hesite to come on and join in!
We are also looking for a starcraft 2 managers. Ichi is doing a lot of work on his own and he can’t do this forever due to having a social life.
The website is coming soon and should be online sometime next month. We also have a channel to stream your ladder, or any custom game!

Concerning our organization - the organization is European, with a DOTA 2 lineup of known people and a top Mw3 team. We also have a cod4 community line up.
A preview of the site can be seen below.


Teamspeak info:
Mail: postmaster@first-tech.eu
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Teamname: give-it-all.de SC2
Website: www.give-it-all.de
Language: english
Skill:[b] GM/Top Masters[/b]
Server:[b] EU Server[/b]
Leader Bnet IDs: bigbadwolf.570 SKYPE ID: nookie_1989
Teamsheet: http://www.sc2ranks.com/c/11605/give-it-all-sc2/

About us: We've got a experienced management, and give-it-all has several top teams (EPS, 4PL Proleague). Here we want to attach directly to. Appropriate behavior as well as the interpersonal level is also important to us.

Our goals: Mainfocus is the 4PL Proleague Qualification and Cups. In addition to supported lanevents and bootcamps, streams and replay content are also key points of our program. N[b]ice teamshirts are also available, lan-/cup and other support is possible, give-it-all has several sponsors, just speak to us![/b]

About you: Firstly, you should be able to identify with the clan and our objectives. Furthermore, we are looking for motivated and talented[b] high masters and grandmaster only players[/b]. Another important point is activity – and I mean not that anyone shall play all day long. However, it is important for us as a team, that ladder, training (cgs) and cups can be connected with eachother. Therefore it would be important that you want to spend a few hours on a regular day to Starcraft. We assume appropriate behaviour and kindness as a matter of course.

UPDATE: currently also searching a 2v2 team
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Teamname: Silent Assassins
Tag: =SA=
Website: www.silentassassins.co.uk
Clan Leader: =SA= Havok
Starcraft II Leader: =SA= Loken
Skill Level: We are looking for all skill levels (see below)

About the community:
Silent Assassins is a relatively new eSports community, with active teams in CoD4 and BF3. However, we are expanding very quickly and are looking to branch into Starcraft II.

Our community has a great collection of friendly players from Europe who get together nightly to play friendly and competitive matches in various genres.

What are we looking for?
As a new team within Starcraft II, we are looking for players of all skill levels to contribute to the improvement of all of our players. If you're new to competitive Starcraft II, then check us out as our goal is to help each other improve and learn more about the game. If you're an experienced player, come and share your knowledge and help other players learn from their mistakes!

If you think you would fit in well in our welcoming community, head over to our website and fill in an application on the forum or contact me in-game or on xfire:

BNet ID: Lokenn#175
Xfire: simbob23

We look forward to hearing from you!

=SA= Loken 
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Name: Kookiez.Sc2
Tag: KKz
Team Leader: Laura_^
Skill Level: Grandmaster

About us/Recruitment:
Hi all, Kookiez is currently looking for some more GM/Masters to join us for training, practice sessions & official games ofcourse.  We are two members, both highly experienced in grandmaster league(Top20 & Top70), training often, hoping to add 4 more members to our roster.  We are willing to take players of Masters standard and above

18+ Mature
Microphone & ventrilo
Masters+ level of skill
Regular player, enthusiastic & friendly

If you are interested, please message me anytime & we look forward to hearing from you emoticon-grin<br id="tinymce" class="mceContentBody " />
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Universal Alliance Clan looking for motivated gamers!

name: Universal Alliance
member count: ca. 50
homepage: http://www.Universal-Alliance.de
e-mail: ligaphantoms@googlemail.com
contact: Atti.261 ; Fragquenz.370

NOTE: This is a german clan looking for mainly german speaking players!
About our clan:
We are a Starcraft 2 / CoD 4 clan, founded almost three years ago. We always maintained about 50 members throughout these years. Because of the current dropouts (school, university, whatever…) we need some new players.
What you should be like:
- online on our Teamspeak Server as well as ingame on a regular basis, if possible
- you should be a kind person (obviously^^) and we demand you to show appropriate behavior in TS and ingame
- age restriction: 16+
- skill restriction: none…no matter if you are in bronze or grandmaster, you’re welcome!

What we will offer you:
- relaxed environment and friendly members
- TeamSpeak³ Server
- new and independant homepage
- different game servers (in CoD4)
- clan events (e.g. tournaments, meetings, practice)……and much more! Show us what you got (promotions are possible)!
Send us an e-mail, message us in the guestbook / PM center, or just get in touch with us ingame.We’re looking forward to your applications!

Regards,Universal Alliance
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gamehoppers.eu - find a game and hop right in!

We from gamehoppers.eu are currently looking to increase our roster.

Although we are a young organization (8 months), we were already able to reach the first major milestone by recruiting our CS:S team, which is ranked in the Top10 in Denmark and has no reason to hide from the international top teams, which they just reasently proved by being invited into the CPH Games Roccat tournament.

After having checked off our CS:S team, we are now looking to increase our roster and add new games to our community.

Because of that we are looking for a person to create and build a team under our flag.


- good standing in the SC2 internal league (nothing below top Masters)
- experience in official leagues/cups (preferrably with good results)
- age 16+
- reliability and ambition to become part of our community
- ambition and contacts to build a reliable team

We will offer a supporting package based on your skill and experience.
The details concerning this will be discussed in a private conversation.


gamehoppers.eu website
gamehoppers.eu facebook

To apply, please send an email containing following information:
- age, nationality
- previous team experience
- expectations from an organization
- targets/aims

Email: applications@gamehoppers.eu

http://www.gamehoppers.eu - Find a game and hop right in!
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Looking for a 2on2 partner for ladderplay, preferably plat/dia.

If not that level pls anybody just concact me!

battleID: fuNk

code: 153
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The Multigaming Clan Immitis Caede is looking for Member for the Starcraft 2 Team.


- ts3 + headset
- Fun at playing Cod Mw3
- Game Experience
- gold league +

What we give to u:

- Ts3
- Fun
- Great Community
- Great Management
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eNvy is a brand new multigaming organisation with its roots in cs.

We are looking for a number of skilled and mature players, or are willing to take on a set up team looking for help.

We provide all the basics like ts3 and if british we may be able to help with iseries costs.

If interested please message me in esl.
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The Multigaming Clan Immitis Caede is looking for Member for the Starcraft 2 Team.


- ts3 + headset
- Fun at playing Starcraft 2
- Game Experience
- silver league +

What we give to u:

- Ts3
- Fun
- Great Community
- Great Management
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LuscoFusco.Sports organization recruit players for SC2

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The Starcraft 2 Team of energy-shock powered by qpad is looking for more players emoticon-grin

What we are:
New Formed Team
low-High Master

what we expect:3 
Active in cups
Master level
Friendly / nice

What can you expect:
10% by QPAD
Two ts3 Server
Good Homepage
18+ Management 
Active in Clanwar league ,since we got a stable team

Battle.net: zARRRR#511
Steam: piti19550
icq: 556777394
xfire: piti19
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Hi, experienced manager and sc2 team leader searching serious team for work with. Offers on PM please.

I was manager of: 1. http://www.myrevenge.net/
                         2. http://www.mango-gaming.com/
                         3. http://www.4nothing.org/

All succesfull GrandMaster teams.

I can help you make good sc2 team and manage it. Very active. Serious offers to PM.


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We are currently seeking for good european Starcraft 2 players and we can provide you a few things like:

- A powerful staff who helps you anytime.
- A good website.
- A vocal server (Teamspeak 3)
- A webtv for your streams.

We are seeking Plat/Diam/Master players and we seek 2 Zergs and 1 Terran.

If you have any question of if you want to join us, you can send an email to festen@virtuoz-gaming.com.

Thanks for readin'
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SyntaxGaming is looking for fresh blood eager to compete and practice alot!

Who we need:
-Diamond+ Players
-Active! As in participating in clanwars, ladder and practice frequently
-Players who work well in a team and understand the concept of such
-Players who stick through highs and lows. We want to build a team that lasts through the expansions.

What we have to offer:
-TS³ Server (500+ Slots)
-Website (will be renewed soon)
-Full roster and participation in ESL and Sc2cl
-Nice and friendly atmosphere
-Events like the HeiperLan bootcamp in October
-International players from all over Europe

Other stuff:
Current roster: http://www.sc2ranks.com/c/10745/syntax-gaming/
Website: http://www.syntaxgaming.net/news/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/SyntaxGaming
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SyntaX-Gaming/225002180857821

- Damnight.155 or NeoR.623
- TS:
- Skype: spooner126
- PM on TL or ESL

Hope to hear from you soon!
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Hallo Ihr ESL Spieler,

Der (e)Sport Clan BDB ist in bisher 2 Ligen erfolgreich vertreten, in der ESL und in der SCIICL Liga.Wir suchen für unser ESL BDB Team I noch ein High-Master 2v2 Team.

Ihr solltet:
- mindestens eine Saison lang zusammen gespielt haben
- Erfahrungen in der ESl haben
- mindestens Top 8 Master sein, vorzugsweise top 100 Weltrang
- mit Kritik und Verbesserungsvorschlägen umgehen können
- Regelmäßig Sonntags Abends Zeit für ESL Clanwars mitbringen
- euch Zwecks guten mechanics auch einigermaßen im 1on1 behaupten können

Wir bieten:

1. Sehr gut organsiertes Team mit einem starken Clan im Rücken
2. Vergütungen in Form von finanziellen Gewinn-Prämien
3. Vergütungen durch Leistung bezogene Hardware Prämien
4. Starke Trainingspartner
5. TS/HP/ FB/ YT/Twitter/Caster/ und vieles mehr
6. Garantierte Teilnahme an Internen Cups mit tollen Preisen
7. ESL Premium Account`s

Info`s über das Team; http://www.esl.eu/eu/sc2/clanwar/ladder/team/6183498/

Kontakt: Bewerbungen (bitte mit Referenzen wenn möglich) an die E-Mail:clan-bdb@online.de (diese E-Mail ist Spam geschützt) oder ingame Fuma#925 für weitere Fragen.
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The eSports team BDB is successfully competing in the ESL and the SC2CL.
Now we are searching a high-master 2v2 team for our ESL BDB Team I.


- atleast one season as a team
- experience regarding the ESL
- atleast Top 8 Master, preferably Top 100 world wide
- being able to deal with critic and suggestions of improvement
- frequently active during sunday evenings for ESL matches
- good mechanics (1v1)

What we offer:

1. A well organized Team with a well structured clan
2. payments if you win your matches (money)
3. hardware gifts if you are successfull
4. strong practise partners (GML, Nationalteam)
5. TS/HP/YT/Twitter/Caster and much more
6. internal cups with great prices
7. ESL Premium Accounts

Here is an general overview of our team

Contact: Application to clan-bdb@online.de (this e-mail is spam-secured) or ingame Fuma#925(EU) for further questions
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Attention! Is being set to the team "aLone", we cooperate with well-known Russian league http://sc2alone.ru. Accept players from the top diamond +. Team web site is currently in development and will be ready in 2 weeks.and that you know English Write to skype cxtoxiccx .
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Good day everyone, WE are looking for high Daimond and mid to low masters to join DvG Supremacy.


We are very active in the CW and looking at growing our 1 team more.
Currently ranked in top 50 of ESL CW.

Preferably looking for master zerg players, but all are welcome.

PM me or Email me a.kaiser.za@gmail.com if you are intrested to join.
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Team ErroX is looking for new members to full fill a new roster after the recent lose of the old StarCraft 2 squad. We are looking for masters + players. The idea behind the squad is to get a good line up of players with talent. We are going to play clan wars on fixed dates and our players should be open to practice with each other.

Players who got intrest to join should be at least masters. We look more at play style, achievements and talent then the ranking, since we believe that says more then your online rank. We are also EU based meaning that we will only accept EU players.

We are currently sponsord by Host-365 and Gvw-hosting. And expect with a good StarCraft 2 roster to achieve more sponsors for our StarCraft 2 squad.

We have made a presentation which you can see online to make it more clear for both parties what we are searching [url=http://bit.ly/QPecFu]here[/url].

If you want to know more contact our head manager at:
Skype: thom.broeren or find me when I am online at errox.sc2 channel ingame (EU server).

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