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[Official Player seeks Team]
Author Posting
This is the only valid place in this forum for players to look for a new clan/team regarding Starcraft 2. All other entries within the forum will be deleted!

If you are interested in one of the posts, please contact the poster directly and not within this thread.

Teams can seek new members/players >>here<<.
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Russia, 21 years. PLatinum league top2.Searching a team for trainings, or CWs. 
ICQ: 892951.
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hello my name is Patrick Bolleboom
im from the netherlands.
Im now rank 5 in 1v1 my division platinum with 2100 points playd with the best players in sc2 right now.
But searching a good team that can motivate me and give me a good home playd many clan wars in sc bw and wc3.
Was playing on pretty good level.

And rank 1 2v2 in division platinum 2050 points

if you have intrest contact @ justdaboooo@gmail.com
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Hello there =)

I´m Gil`JakeeY.eXe´Hermann 20 years old and come from Germany.

I´m looking for a Clan how search a Starcraft 2 1v1 Player. (no TEAMS!)
My 1on1 rank is #15 @ Silver league with 1723 Points.
http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/3249/jakeey2.jpg <-- look there

At the moment i test the other races and new taktiks. but normaly i win ~65 % off all Matches.

What i want:

I want a Clan with 
- nice members if they can speak only english i dont have a problem. I´come from germany but like english too ;)
- Clanshirt for events 
- good standing in eSport

Why me ?
- i train every day 2-4 h. ( at weekend somethimes more )
- i have the ambition to play as one of the top
- i´m a funny and cute ( nice ) men how likes to help the cummunity and your clan emoticon-grin

Drink water my friend ... drink water
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Looking for a team to practice sc2  emoticon-grin

I`m well motivated and have about 20 + hours per week to play.
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search mate or team too
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Active , motivated 2on2 Team search organized Clan.

Platin league place #1 (division 22)

ingame accounts:

esl accounts:

In the future we get prem/playercard and something like this.

PS: We got big aim's , and we need support.

Email: its.me.matthias@web.de

so far

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m8 and or team too, pm me or add me at icq 590250922

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Hello, I'm currently looking for a team / clan to practise with.

About me: Speaking fluently english / bulgarian and german with a small dialect.
Top5 player in Gold League (div 98).

PM. me or contact me in-game at --> Carbo.nator
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** deleted **
I am actually the first of my division (silver league) and I am looking for a team to improve my level

I can speak french or english

Contact me for more informations
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I'm David
Identified - ProtossSC.David

I'm ranked in the gold division for 1v1 and I'm looking for a team or clan that I can join to learn n practice with .

Kindly contact me here or on msn japanese_boy03@hotmail.com
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I'm searching for a clan with good support. ( no teams please )

I'm currently on rank 1 in gold division with about 1350 points.

ICQ 256918855

ID Matsuyama.hikaru
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sleeep.sleeep @platinum top10 ...

looking for a SERIOUS sc2 clan ...

ps: Im Turkey National W3 Player emoticon-suprise


add for msn...
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ich heiße anthony krüger bin 17 jahre alt und suche einen aktiven sc2 clan
mit dem man trainen kann und mal n paar 2on2 zocken kann

ich habe 2 jahre wc3 gespielt und bin jetzt auf sc2 umgestigen. bin momentan silver league platz 2 steigend ich habe schon sehr viel erfahrung mit league und esl und fange auch grade an sc2 in der esl zu zocken

bin jedan tag online, habe jegliche art von voice und dein funktionsfähiges mic, geistige reife ist vorausgesetzt.

wenn interesse besteht pm oder schreib mich per msn an
me oder schreibt mich ingame an sheard.sheard
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Hi Dudes,
I'am Alex from Greece, but i live in Germany.
At the moment i am searching a team for sc2.
I'm currently on the top of the platinum division.
But i still searching a Team to improve my skills!

Some other information

-Premium/Trusted will be order -  again
-Experience in Cb/Esl/Eas/Ems -> Call of Duty 4
-high activity
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Hi guys, I am high level player from Spain , I am searching good team to support me in tournaments etc..

Well if you have some question send me a private message.

Hope to receive the answer

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Hi Dudes,
I'am Alex from Greece, but i live in Germany.
At the moment i am searching a team for sc2.
I'm currently on the top of the platinum division.
But i still searching a Team to improve my skills!

Some other information

-Premium/Trusted will be order - again
-Experience in Cb/Esl/Eas/Ems -> Call of Duty 4
-high activity
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Hey I'm looking for a strong, serious Team, which hopefully allready have other strong Teams (like in Counter-Strike/Warcraft).

What you should have:
- Homepage with .com/.net/.de (whatever Domain)
- clear oriented Management
- other Teams (Multigaming Clan) how allready mentioned

About me:
- 18 years old
- strong player
- was before in clan eyes on u
- student in Berlin (so german is my native Language)
- platinleague (last days of 2nd Beta)
- very active (played alot GO4SC2 and Zotacs)
- allready esport and RTS experience (SC:BW  inthe PGL and BWCL, Wc3 in the WC3L and Battleforge in the ESL)
- Race: probably Zerg
- of course Premium/Trusted

ICQ: 292 333 408

best regards
and sorry for my English
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Hello everyone, i'm ShiGu aka Fromhell, since beta is over i'm finally getting outta my laddering shell and looking for a team for the release, i'm a diamond player with 49-28 stats 448 rating (mainly protoss and terran), i can provide a replay pack for any interesting offers. I have a failry good wc3 background although i didn't play at all in any esl league.
I'm looking for a serious team with good players already who have at least my level or more. Let me know for any offer; shigu.wc3@hotmail.fr
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seeks a 2on2 mate
my race is protoss/terran
skill must be platin or higher

my id:iszo.498 or icq:351382095
cu on
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Hi, I am looking for a serious team in order to improve myself. Motivated player.
about me:
-18 years old, 19 on september
-korean but i`ve been living in italy,rome since I was 7
-very, VERY active seeking everyday to improve myself, with replays spam and theorycraft A LOT and then try it in my division ladder.
-Terran player
-Division diamond
-bnet account: number 718/ keldaris
-skype: fulariun
-email / msn messenger: keldaris91@hotmail.com

Let me know. Bye.
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Hello, i am looking for team, i am 18 years old.
i am in gold league right now, app. 15th place.
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my name is alex(20) I'm from germany and I'm looking for a high-skilled sc2-clan.
my stats are 210-170 and im seoncd place of my diamond league. as my 400 games let expect i can play whenever the fuck i want. ;)

I'm looking for a clan with other good players to push myself, so I'm not interested in any fun clans. I think I'm a good person u can handle with. I'm speaking german/english. I would prefer a german clan but I don't really care.
Got ts3, mumble, vent, own server, headset, experience with different tournaments. Also i try to get into the EPS, but i just started playing in beginning of July so there is alot more practise to do but I think im on a good way to it.

Feel free to contact me. (Name: Grace) (Code: 513)

Please only Clans who take the game as a sport.

Thank you byebye

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Hi, I'm looking for a Team!
My name is Martin, and i'm from Austria.
At the moment i'm playing in the Gold League in my Division Rank 1, trying to reach the platin league!
Age: 18 (Sept. 2nd)
Contact me: MonZta.280
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