Tuesday, 26/08

StarCraft II | 09:55
Lilbow wins August Premium #4Congratulations to XMG's Lilbow on winning last night's Go4SC2 Premium qualifier.

Monday, 25/08

StarCraft II | 10:55
TargA wins Go4SC2 #399Congratulations to TargA on winning last night's Go4SC2 Sunday cup!

Thursday, 21/08

StarCraft II | 11:25
Patience wins Go4SC2 July Finals!Congratulations to Patience on winning last night's Go4SC2 July 2014 finals!

Tuesday, 19/08

StarCraft II | 15:24
Go4SC2 July 2014 FinalsAnother 600 Euros prize money is on the line to share among sixteen of Europe's best and upcoming players in the ESL Go4SC2 July 2014 finals.
StarCraft II | 15:24
Bly wins August Premium #3Congratulations to Team Acer's Bly on winning last night's Go4SC2 Premium qualifier.
StarCraft II | 15:04
YoDa wins Go4SC2 #397Congratulations to YoDa on winning his third Go4SC2 cup!

Friday, 15/08

StarCraft II | 11:07
Namshar wins Go4SC2 #396Congratulations to Karnage eSports's Namshar on winning his second Go4SC2 cup, also his second in two weeks!

Tuesday, 12/08

StarCraft II | 12:43
TargA wins Premium #2Following on from Sunday's victory, Imaginary Gaming's TargA has taken first place again in his second victory in two days.

Monday, 11/08

StarCraft II | 11:26
TargA wins Go4SC2 #395Usually a Norwegian flag in the finals is being flown by Snute, but last night Imaginary Gaming's TargA took first place for his country in his second ever Go4SC2 Europe win.

Friday, 08/08

StarCraft II | 12:05
Namshar wins Go4SC2 #394In the third cup of the month, the up and coming Namshar from Karnage eSports has won his first Go4SC2 cup.

Tuesday, 05/08

StarCraft II | 10:15
MajeStic wins August Premium #1Spain's MajeStic won last night's Go4SC2 Premium qualifier, netting himself €50 and qualifying himself for the €600 finals.
StarCraft II | 10:14
YoDa wins Go4SC2 #393YoDa kicked off Go4SC2 August by winning the first Go4SC2 Sunday cup of the month.

Monday, 04/08

StarCraft II | 21:02
Go4SC2 June 2014 FinalsAnother 600 Euros prize money is on the line to share among sixteen of Europe's best and upcoming players in the Go4SC2 June 2014 finals.

Friday, 01/08

StarCraft II | 14:07
StarCraft 2 Admins Wanted!StarCraft II is one of the busiest and most important game on the ESL. Therefore, we are looking for more smart, hard working and reliable admins, to join our admin team and support this great game. If you think you have what it takes, and could be a useful addition to join the admin team, read the requirements and write an application!
StarCraft II | 14:06
Senin wins Go4SC2 #392After two recent runner-up finishes, SForge's Senin come on top again to win his fourth Go4SC2 cup.

Wednesday, 30/07

StarCraft II | 11:43
jjakji wins Go4SC2 Premium July #4Following on from his win in Sunday's Go4SC2 cup, jjakji has taken another victory in Monday's Premium cup.

Monday, 28/07

StarCraft II | 12:10
jjakji wins Go4SC2 #391It had been a while since we last saw jjakji in Go4SC2, but he returned in style last night, not dropping a single map in the entire tournament to take his fifth Go4SC2 victory.

Friday, 25/07

StarCraft II | 12:21
Elazer wins Go4SC2 #390In yesterday's Go4SC2 cup, Elazer from Poland took first place, his second all-time victory.

Monday, 21/07

StarCraft II | 13:43
Cooltea wins Go4SC2 #389Russia's Cooltea took victory in last night's Go4SC2 Sunday cup, his second win in Go4 so far.

Friday, 18/07

StarCraft II | 13:55
Hanfy wins Go4SC2 #388A regular top player in the German scene, Hanfy came out on top of last night's Go4SC2 #388 to win his first cup in a little over a year.

Tuesday, 15/07

StarCraft II | 17:00
HyuN wins Go4SC2 Premium July #2After finishing top 4 in WCS America, HyuN returns to Go4SC2 to win last night's Premium qualifier.

Monday, 14/07

StarCraft II | 11:39
Snute wins Go4SC2 #387The top Norwegian Zerg from Team Liquid claimed this third Go4SC2 victory last night.

Friday, 11/07

StarCraft II | 11:56
Lillekanin wins Go4SC2 #386In last night's Go4SC2 cup, the top Danish Terran Lillekanin took first place, defeating Korea's Kan in the final.

Tuesday, 08/07

StarCraft II | 14:30
MMA wins July Premium #1Acer's MMA secured his place in the July finals by winning last night's Go4SC2 Premium Qualifier.

Monday, 07/07

StarCraft II | 20:51
Map Pool: July 2014Announcing the updated ESL map pool. In line with the official Battle.net ladder and WCS, the ESL StarCraft 2 map pool has been updated with four replacements.
StarCraft II | 11:55
First wins his second Go4SC2While the WCS Europe finals are played out in Cologne, the former Brood War pro took his second Go4SC2 victory last night.

Friday, 04/07

StarCraft II | 11:21
ToxiC wins Go4SC2 #384Former Spanish pro player came out of retirement to won his first Go4SC2 cup last night.

Wednesday, 02/07

StarCraft II | 10:22
€1500 to win in Go4SC2 July 2014There is €1650 in prize money available to win this month in ESL Go4SC2! You can win prize money directly through the Go4SC2 Sunday & Monday cups, and qualify for the monthly finals through Go4SC2 Thursday and the A-Series.

Monday, 30/06

StarCraft II | 13:18
Patience wins Go4SC2 #383Alien Invasion's Patience won his first Go4SC2 cup last night, in a victory over fellow WCS EU Premier player Grubby.

Friday, 27/06

StarCraft II | 11:30
PiG wins Go4SC2 #382In his first time playing Go4SC2 Europe, Australia's PiG won last night's Go4SC2 #382!
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