Player Introduction I - The Alps Quartet
Today we kick off our presentation of the 16 players who will participate in the StarCraft II World Championship Series Combined European Nationals. The event will take place from the 23rd - 24th of June in the ESL Studio in Cologne, Germany.
Written by Kaelaris - the Knight of eSports

As the Combined European Nationals draws closer and closer, names will rise and players shall fall at the hands of one-another's strategic prowess. The qualification process for this tournament covered the rest of the Countries which were unable to support an entire nations tournament, and as such a huge multitude of Countries were eligible, such as Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia and even the Vatican City. As the 23 SC2 owners of the Vatican City dawned their Cardinal's robes to do battle against the rest of Europe, clear favourites emerged to duke it out in the Combined European Nationals. Some of those favourites herald from the good lands of Alps, Austria and Switzershire, ready to bruise and toil their way through the most fierce of dragons that other nationals throw in their path. Let’s take a look at our Swiss hopefuls one by one, adorning their armor, ready for war.

xOni - From Qualifier #4

xOni is the first of our lesser known players from the country that never fights. A Zerg player whose tenacity is matched only by his subtle decision making. What do I mean by this exactly? spreading creep down the most vital of paths, sending wave after wave of Roaches against bolstered Protoss walls and much more. xOni despite not being too well known, was able to battle his way through the brackets of the Qualifiers and would be pitted against Monchi in the next round, a fearsome opponent worthy of respect. For xOni though the Combined European Nationals will be an uphill struggle as, being previously GM but now with only a high masters rank to his name, will he be able to stand up to the big dogs of the European scene?

Wulverate - From Qualifier #3

Wulverate could be considered to be one of the more known players in the Swiss scene, having performed very well during his qualification process for World Championship Series and even eliminating xOni during his run to success. Heavily outnumbered by his Swiss zerg peers, this fledgling Protoss has been spending plenty of time playing Diablo 3 recently, but is still looking to bring his A game to the Combined European Nationals. Able to mix it up, either playing for strong timings or a full out macro game, we’ve seen Wulverate give his national buddies a run for their money - but how well does that translate to a bigger stage?

biGs - From Qualifier #2

Finally the folk of Switzershire rest their hopes on their most accomplished of warriors, a man who as of late has been able to make the biggest of International splashes for his kin. biGs is one of those Zerg players in the European scene that has quietly been taking podium finishes for a while now, but is overshadowed by the big powerhouses of the EU swarm scene such as Nerchio and Ret. However, with phenomenal game sense and the ability to adapt like a Zerg should, biGs is without doubt the strongest player of his nation right now. With a 2nd place at the recent EPS, a 1st place at Gamers Assembly 2012 over one of the strongest Protoss in Europe right now and his team-mate, MaNa, biGs is slowly but surely working his way up to the big leagues where the world is this Korean-Swisses oyster.

monchi - From Qualifier #4

It's worth nothing initially that monchi as of late has been on an absolute tear when it comes to the online weekly cup scene. Having won 6 and having had podium finishes in 3 more during the past 5 months, monchi has been a force to be reckoned with. Having beaten out players such as Polt, Check, Nerchio and GoOdy in the finals alone, nevermind his run through the brackets, monchi's ability to perform against top players is undenyable. For monchi, it's his PvT that really shines through, quickly proceeded by his PvZ, with 62% and 56% win rates respectively. monchi and biGs sit atop the pack when it comes to our first four players, as these are two clear favourites to take podium finishes in the Combined European Nationals, nevermind the first few rounds.
meth, Saturday, 16/06/12 19:28
World Championship Series - Combined European Nationals
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