Player Introduction III - Who are Safa and Panda?
In his third article about the players of the Combined European Nationals, Kaelaris this time takes a look at Krr, Arew, PandaTank and Safa. Hailing from South Africa, PandaTank is probably the most exotic player at the event. The Belarusian Safa on the other hand, is one of the great unknowns.
Written by Kaelaris - the Knight of eSports

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Krr - From Qualifier #2

Alongside Arew and Fargo, Krr shall be representing Lithuania, 3 players who are all extremely formidable with their respective races. Krr in terms of results is arguably the strongest player that Lithuania has to offer, having taken 1st places during 2012 over the likes of Grubby, fraer and M.Diestar. Elsewhere Krr would attend Copenhagen Games 2012 where he would be eventually eliminated by Welmu, who eventually finished in 2nd place to a very formidable Kas. From there Krr went on to play the InfoShow Lan Party 2012, where he was able to clinch 1st place without dropping a single map. With a very strong background in Starcraft 1, it’s pretty evident that Krr is always on the rise, looking to improve and looking to impress. Will this event be his stage for glory?

Arew - From Qualifier #2

Arew is credited with being one of the best Starcraft 2 players from Lithuania, having taken many a national lan and tournament with his Protoss prowess. Having played Protoss in Starcraft I and then transitioning with the same race to Starcraft 2, Arew claims himself that he loves Dark Templar play, making him a threat for anyone not keeping on top of their toes or teching up slowly. Arew has quite a colourful team history in itself, having been a member of the Online Kingdom Gaming Organization initially, then leaving to join Team Thermaltake which eventually because TT Dragons. From there Arew was teamless for a little bit, until joinging another team, Skitlite Gaming where he currently still resides.

PandaTank - From Qualifier #1

PandaTank is our South African Protoss competitor travelling far afield to be able to go up against the rest of our players. As a disclaimer, the reason South African players were able to participate, as well as other countries outside of the EU, is because they predominantly play on the EU servers. As for PandaTank though, he is considered to be South Africas strongest player, and has been able to claim the Polarfluke tournaments as his challenge to dominate. With 2 1st place finishes, and 4 2nd place finishes to his name in that series alone, PandaTank has literally obliterated his competition throughout every bracket. PandaTank was also able to advance past the group stages of IeSF but was then eliminated during the round of 8 by Softball, one of Taiwan’s strongest players.

Safa - From Qualifier #4

Not a whole lot is known about Safa other than the facts that he’s from Belarus and currently on the junior squad of the illustrious RoX.KiS team. Small snippets of information I can attain from elsewhere show that he’s lost some feisty ZvZ series to the likes of Nerchio (but so do a lot of people) and taken a ZvP series off the likes of fraer. Other than that, we’ll just have to learn along together how much our player from Belarus can pull during the Combined European Nationals!
meth, Thursday, 21/06/12 13:53
World Championship Series - Combined European Nationals
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Krr ftw! :p
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