Play StarCraft 2 VERSUS!
Every night is VERSUS night! Come join us in VERSUS, the latest in matchmaking technology. It is faster and easier than ever before to play in the ESL. Featuring the latest ESL map pool, lots of great awards to win and fair opponents looking for a gg.
Launched last year, VERSUS is the latest in matchmaking technology, making it faster and easier for everyone to play great matches in the ESL.

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Awards, awards and more awards!

There are several awards available that anyone can earn by playing VERSUS. The most valued award are of course the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and top 10% awards for the top players at the end of the season, in addition to the players who were the most fair, played the most matches (MMC) or were most valuable (MVP). Even if you're not a top player, you can still earn a number of other awards as an active player. Find out more about VERSUS awards.

Matchmaking made easier

You do not have to sign up to play in VERSUS, you do not have to deal with challenging players or scheduling your matches: simply click the VS button and search for a match.

Balanced matches

Play VERSUS will put you together with the closest in skill player it can find at the moment, and put you into a match where you can vote the map you want to play from the latest ESL StarCraft 2 map pool and then you go ahead and play your match.

Not just ladder maps

In addition to the regular Battle.net ladder maps, VERSUS includes competition maps that you are used to watching the best players compete on in top leagues like the Intel Extreme Masters and GSL.

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If you have any feedback - bad or good - about anything we are doing in StarCraft II then please go ahead and post in the feedback topic in the forum.

We are looking for admins!

Would you like to help to run the Cups and Ladders at the ESL SC2 section? You know exactly what the SC2 community needs and you would love to be a dedicated admin? Then Apply now!

Good luck and have fun,

Your Admin team
TheRogue, Tuesday, 08/05/12 17:10
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