StarCraft II 1on1 Bronze/Silver Cup #33 (Weds 15. September)

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Key Rules

Replays: Replays must be uploaded to the match page (not zipped) immediately after the match! You will receive penalty points for missing replays starting at the quarter finals!
Coverage: See the streams page for details
Server / Country Restriction: All players are allowed to play, but the matches will be played on the European Battle.net with a European Host.

Match format

Best of 1 until the last three rounds (Double Elimination) or Quarter Finals (Single Elimination), then Best of 3

The first map is always fixed. In Best of three and Best of five the loser picks the next map. The same map cannot be played twice in a match.


If there is a disconnect in the first 4 minutes of the game and there has been no contact between players, then the game will be restarted.

If the problem occurs frequently then an admin should be contacted.

If a game is restarted players must choose the same races.


8 Double 16 Single 32 Single
1st RoundLost Temple Lost Temple Lost Temple
2nd RoundMetalopolis -- Metalopolis
3rd RoundScrap Station -- --
Quarter FinalsDelta Quadrant Delta Quadrant Delta Quadrant
Semi FinalsSteppes of War Steppes of War Steppes of War
FinalDesert Oasis Desert Oasis Desert Oasis



  • Random
  • Agria Valley
  • Blistering Sands
  • Burial Grounds
  • Crossfire
  • Desert Oasis
  • Incineration Zone
  • Jungle Basin
  • Junk Yard
  • Scrap Station
  • Steppes of War
  • Worldship
  • Xel Naga Caverns
  • Lost Temple
  • Kulas Ravine
  • Metalopolis
  • Delta Quadrant

* = Default


Category: Cup
Rankingsystem: cup
Matchsystem: oneround_noshift
Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
Match abort: inactive
Autoconfirm: 60 min.
Protest period: 3 days
  • 8.356 Users Online
  • 5.725.110 Registered Users
  • 2.474.780 Active Users
  • 1.227.180 Teams Total
  • 4.228 Matches Yesterday
  • 23.501.600 Matches Total
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