World Championship Series - The Journey So Far
In his new blog, ESL TVs Kaelaris, reflects on the European events of the StarCraft II World Championship Series that took place so far. Head over and read up what the Knight of eSports has to say.
The StarCraft II World Championship Series is in full effect. Many Nationals have been played out all over Europe already and ESL TVs Kaelaris has been at the heart of the action several times. With ESL TVs new blog feature, the passionate and beloved caster has taken it up to share some of his views, thoughts and experiences. His latest blog is quite a heavy hitter, as he reflects on every National that has taken place in Europe so far.

Blizzard StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe - The Journey So far

You may also want to read up on some of his earlier entries where he shared his experiences from casting the Spain Nationals in Madrid and the Germany Nationals in Cologne.

Englishman in Madrid
A Weekend's Success - World Championship Series Germany Nationals

Keep an eye out on the ESL TV page as the Knight of eSports will be writing more updates in the near future.
meth, Monday, 11/06/12 15:12
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