Spring Cup Winners and new Maps!
The Spring Cup has ended and here are your winners!
Also new Maps.

Spring Cup Winners!

After a couple of great matches the cup has finally come to a close, leaving nobody unbeaten as the winner returned from the Loser bracket with a very close Win against the one who beat him first.

First Place : CyaSolamiratia

Second Place : Chestbrah

Third Place : NoctiS

New Maps Azit & Azit-EX

The new Maps Azit and Azit-EX have been added to the Map-pool of the respective ladders.

More to come soon!

There's more to come in the near future as well, we don't wanna give out too much, but it's gonna be good, and it's gonna include a rule rework to reflect the changes that have occured last patch.

Now get out there and show us your S4!

For any questions, suggestions or doubts please write a Support Ticket.
Your S4 League Admin Team.
NoctiS, Tuesday, 01/05/12 19:40
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#2 Place is so boring ..... but i know that i'm better then the first place *pssst*
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