Next month's cups and Autumn Cup Winner!
More Cups for everyone! Guns ablaze, Swords swinging and earning everlasting Glory! 2v2 and 4v4 Cups incoming, also Who's won that 1on1 Cup? Find out more now!

Autumn 1on1 Cup Winner

The Autumn 1on1 Cup has drawn to a close, the stunning Final Match between NoctiS and Energy has ended and Energy emerged Victorious! Congratulations to him! The 8300 AP Prize has already been delivered, and the Autumn Seasonal Award will also be awarded shortly!

Christmas Bowl 4v4 Cup

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you the Christmas Bowl, a Sword Only S4 League Cup featured by the ESL!

The mode is, obviously, the most widely played one in this game: Touchdown! And, paradoxically, the map is one of the least played: Neden-3!
The number of players for this Cup will be 4 on each team, with the same restrictions as usual.
Starting on December 3rd, let us enjoy the last Cup of the year!

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December 2v2 Cup!

Still not enough? Good because there's more to come! This 2v2 Cup will sport random maps, a single knockout system and 16 teams of 2 players!
The restrictions from our 2v2 Ladder apply to this cup, so don't get too fired up and forget all about them!
The cup will be played on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th, the first two rounds on Saturday and the remaining matches on Sunday!

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Excited yet? Well then get out there and show us your S4!

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For any questions, suggestions or doubts please write a Support Ticket.
Your S4 League Admin Team.

NoctiS, Friday, 25/11/11 12:36
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