Dell & Intel: Back in the days - Vol. 2
Only with the help of Intel and Dell the first ESL Pro Series Finals came into the world. From 13th to 15th December the ESL Pro Series Finals we're held at Future Point, a regional Internet Café in Cologne. The best German teams met there first time in history and played on the very first official tournament system from Dell to determinate the German champion.
The Future Point Cologne got two rooms including four big screens, where up to 500 spectators we're able to follow all matches of the first ESL Pro Series Finals. The entry was free. In Counter-Strike 1.5 and Warcraft III four teams played for the title and a total prize money of 80,000 Euro. In Jedi Knight II only the final match was held offline and there was also a show match in Nascar 2002.

ESL Pro Series Finals - Counter-Strike Rankings

1. mousesports - 15.000 €
    Lineup: Sebastian S., Franz B. (gore), Roman R. (LeGiOner ), Nils K., Chris P. (puCst)
2. mTw - 7.500 €
    Lineup: koj, hazz, ash, wirsi und cracken
3. ping-of-death - 4.000 €
    Lineup: fre-mara, onimaru, clown, virus, bloody
4. Schroet Kommando - 1.500 €
    Lineup: Gladi, venom, voodoo, grAyFoX und CoolFire

ESL Pro Series Finals - Warcraft III Rankings

1. Orcish Empire 1 - 15.000 €
    Lineup: OrgerEli & OgerHell
2. Ocrana 1 - 7.500 €
    Lineup: FiRe & Thagor
3. mTw M'n'M - 4.000 €
    Lineup: modo & matzerg
4. Ocrana 2 - 1.500 €
    Lineup: TaKe & SkY

ESL Pro Series Finals - Jedi Knight 2 Rankings

1. pro-Gaming.net - 5.000 €
    Lineup: asdaf, cuba retry, knecht und snister
2. Team Helix JK2 EPS - 2.500 €
    Lineup: fireglow, beiron, defkron, n1rvana, fritz

ESL Pro Series Finals - First official tournament system

Lets take a closer look at the first tournaments system. The Dell Dimension 8100 was equipped with a Pentium 4 2,0Ghz processor, 4 x 64MB RDRAM, a PNY Geforce® 4 TI 4400, 20GB Western Digital hard disk, a Soundblaster 64 PCI sound card, Lite-On 48X CD-ROM drive and a Dell NPS 330CB power supply with 330 watt. Today these specs won't knock your sock offs, but in 2002 it was a high end desktop system.

For the ESL Pro Series 16 the Alienware® Aurora ALX desktop will be the official tournament system. With a Intel® Core i7 3,60GHz Extreme Edition Quad Core processor, two 1.8GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260 video cards, 12GB Triple-Channel 1600MHz DDR3 memory and a 1.5TB SATA2 3.0Gb/s hard disk, the Alienware® Aurora ALX desktop is 7,2 times faster than the Dell® Dimension 8100, got 48 times more memory and 76,8 times more hard disk space. What a difference!

Check out the Alienware® Aurora ALX

ESL Pro Series 1 Finals - Gallery

All pictures of ESL Pro Series Finals
pennY, Wednesday, 03/03/10 12:03
Alienware® Aurora ALX
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Great old stuff. Jedi Knight 2 :D
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