Country Championship 2009 Groupstage *UPDATE*
The Country Championship 2009 is finally getting closer! Unfortunately Finland, Norway and Romania failed to meet the requirements and won't be able to participate. For the other 22 teams the Groupstage will start next week on Wednesday (25.11.09).
We have some important announcements for you:

1. Matchsettings
- Teamsize: 5vs5
- Maps: BO3*
- Gamemode: Touchdown
- Pointlimit: 10
- Timelimit: 30 minutes
- No intrusion: off
- Friendly: on
- Balancing: off
- Observers: off**
* BO3 = Best of Three: The first map is fixed (Station2, Neden3, Oldschool, Station1, Temple-M - in that order). The second map is then chosen by the team who lost the first map. If the team who won the first map wins again, the match is over. If the other team wins, the winner of the first map choses the third map. However, it is not allowed to play a map twice per match. The resuls have to be entered as 1:0 for the winning team, in case of a draw the result has to be entered as 0,5:0,5.
** Both teams can agree to enable observers in the game. Also, admins can decide to force the contestants to enable observers if they have a reason to watch the match. If observers are allowed, broadcasting and recording is allowed as well. The ESL will not broadcast officially during the groupstage.

2. Teams
As you may have noticed, the national teams were locked. Nobody can join or leave. You can find more details about the matter in the official Invite forums for Team-Managers (if you are a Team-Manager).

3. Matchdays
Dates and firstmaps:
1. 25.11.09: Station2
2. 28.11.09: Neden3
3. 02.12.09: Oldschool
4. 05.12.09: Station1
5. 09.12.09: Temple-M
Before you start to complain because you don't like one of the maps or like a map missing here, please remember that S4 League only has 7 Touchdown maps at the moment and everonye prefers different maps. Tunnel and Highway will not be available in the championship.
Also, moving a match is not allowed. If there really is no way for you to play the match on the date specified, it is possible to move it if your opponent agrees. You can write a support ticket after you have agreed on a new date with your opponent, though the new date has to be as close as possible to the original date.

4. Playoffs
After the Groupstage is over, the teams on the first and second rank in their respective groups qualify for the playoffs which will be a Single Elimination cup with 8 slots.
The official dates for the playoffs have yet to be determined, however you can be sure that they will take place very soon after the Groupstage is over.

5. Rules
Besides the matchsettings and the usual rules, there are special weapon prohibitions for this event. They may differ from our rules in usual cups/ladders, but this is a special competition on the highest level.
You can find the official rules via the link below this news.
The following weapons are not allowed: Mind Energy, Mind Shock, Gauss Rifle.

Important: For prizes etc. see our last news.

your Adminteam

Update: The weapon prohibitions have been expanded. Each team may only use 1 Sentry Gun or Senty Nell. Also, Handgun is limited to 2 players per team.
Takku, Wednesday, 18/11/09 21:48
Country Championship Groupstage
Country Championship Overview
Country Championship Rules
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gl all <3
no ms <3
Did I mention that I'm jealous? :C
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I wish that all teams will have lots of fun during this tournament.
Good luck in your matches contestants!
Good luck for all! ^^
good luck and have fun everyone =)
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