Monday, 21/07

S4 League | 19:23
S4 League Section closed<br>In the last months the activity of the players and admins, here in the ESL, decreased more and more. Thats why we decided to close the S4 League section. May we can reconsider in the future to open it again...

Monday, 09/06

S4 League | 20:56
Spring Sword Cup Winners!The Spring Sword Cup is over and it is time to present the winners to you!

Friday, 02/05

S4 League | 02:48
Extended Sign-up for the Spring Sword Cup!We still have too many free slots for the Spring Sword Cup, so we decided to extend the sign-up period in hopes for some more teams!

Tuesday, 15/04

S4 League | 18:57
S4L needs you!The admin team is seaching new admins. At the moment we need to add a minimum of 2 new admins, with time to help us in the next months. Are you ready to join? You think that you can help us? What are you doing? Apply for admin.

Saturday, 29/03

S4 League | 15:27
Spring Sword CupIn this news we will talk about the modality of this tournament, how to join it, rules, dates and other basic information. We hope that this first tournament will be successful so we can bring you even bigger ones in the future. This cup will be the first in a long series and as you know we're counting on your support to develop this section !

Saturday, 22/03

S4 League | 23:38
The Winter Cups are over, here are your winners! Also,changes to the 1on1 Series!After some fierce competition in both the 1on1 Winter cup and the 4on4 Winter League, I present your winners!

Monday, 17/03

S4 League | 21:08
A small guide for our 1on1 ESL SeriesWe noticed that most of the players signing up using the match scheduler have been missing their matches. So, we're writing this small guide to prevent such issues from happening in the future, because by missing your match you do not only get a default loss but you also gain 2 penalty points. Not to mention, if everyone keeps missing their matches we might have to close the series. Now we wouldn't want that, would you?

Tuesday, 04/02

S4 League | 21:59
S4League 1on1 ESL Series opening it's gatesS4League has always had a large 1on1 community in the ESL, and we've decided to expand on that, starting out with the first ever ESL Series in the S4League Section.

Sunday, 19/01

S4 League | 21:01
Christmas Cup ResultsFirst of all, we would like to thank all the teams that participated in this event. It was a pleasure for us to organize everything and being at your side throughout the cup. We're still looking for ways to improve future cups, so don't be shy and give us all the critique you can! As a final note, we would like to apologize for the problems with the playing times during the Finals and Semi-Finals, it shall not happen again!

Wednesday, 15/01

S4 League | 12:05
Winter is coming...**UPDATE**1on1 has always been a big hit here in the ESL and we hope to continue that trend with this 1on1 Winter Cup. In the meantime, we have heard your call and are proud to present the first 4on4 Cup in the second coming of S4 League in the ESL!

Thursday, 19/12

S4 League | 01:00
Warmup Cup Review & Cup WinnersWhile the Warmup cup wasn't as much of a success as we'd hoped, we still have had some great matches and are ready to present the cup winners to you! The cup only had 11 teams to start with, but once the free tickets were out of the way things started to get heated up between the remaining teams!

Monday, 09/12

S4 League | 14:58
Christmas Cup Last cup of 2013Hello everyone, we are at the end of 2013 and what we can say about this year is that there were a lot of cups, tournaments and other events. To end this year the ESL wants to make you feel like the king of 2013 ! That's why we've improved our Hall of Fame system, and this cup will open the gate of the Hall of Fame for only the first 3 teams which will be remembered forever !

Sunday, 08/12

S4 League | 14:42
And the winners are...We've had some problems with the recent 1on1 Premiership, as you might have noticed. We want to apologize to everyone who played in the playoffs and announce the winners now!

Friday, 06/12

S4 League | 23:23
Manage your S4L clan on the ESL !As you know by now there were a lot of abandoning and gives up at the 1on1 Autumn Cup. We've learned about that, and we came back a lot stronger ! The first steps to entertain the ESL is to know how to use it, so that's why I'm actually writing you a news on how to manage your clan on the ESL. And few more tips to be ready for the war !

Thursday, 21/11

S4 League | 22:16
Next cups infos & poll results!*UPDATE*As you should know by now, the poll result indicate that you prefer to play as a 3on3 team for the next event. We would like to thank you all for your participation. There will be more polls about diverse subjects. But for now, let us introduce you to the new cups !

Thursday, 14/11

S4 League | 15:39
Your opponent didn't show up? Learn how to react!My opponent wasn't there for our match. What can I do? And how do I do it correctly? It seems to be not such obvious what we want you to do, in order to have the match handled the right way, we would like to introduce you to all the nessessary steps which have to be followed in order to report as the ESL S4L need.

Sunday, 10/11

S4 League | 20:22
S4L Staff PresentationS4L staff presentation as I promised is here. No matter who is your favourite and who is not. They all will work together, as best as they can. I hope the community will support our ideas, and help with the next competitions. From our side we promise, we will work fast and flexible to make your section much better than before. You can also expect a lot of questions about your willings.

Monday, 21/10

S4 League | 21:49
S4League Autumn TournamentAfter looking to your posts in the forum we've decided to follow up with an even more intense 1v1 Tournament, so get ready to show off your skills in this blazing tournament! Please don't miss this great moment for reviving our perfect game together!

Saturday, 29/09

S4 League | 20:49
S4League Autumn TournamentAfter the recent successful Rescue cup, we've decided to follow up with an even more intense 1v1 Tournament, so get ready to show off your skills in this blazing tournament!

Sunday, 23/09

S4 League | 20:02
3on3 Cup Series Inc!Your team was waiting for a chance to prove itself? Wait no longer for we have just about what you need! It's been a long time since we had any team cups but everyone knows that S4League is a team game at it's core, so it's just natural for us to be hosting these events again,right?

Saturday, 22/09

S4 League | 11:19
Special rules for the Rescue Cup!After some problems we faced with changing the current rules we decided to make a quick announcement only regarding this cup instead of rushing a change.

Friday, 07/09

S4 League | 17:14
1v1 Rescue CupThis section needs a cup to save itself,get your guns loaded and become our savior in this intense 1v1 cup!

Tuesday, 01/05

S4 League | 19:40
Spring Cup Winners and new Maps!The Spring Cup has ended and here are your winners! Also new Maps.

Saturday, 07/04

S4 League | 13:57
Springcup LivestreamAfter the announcement of the Spring League 2012 for the S4 League section, we are pleased to announce the livestream from this Seasonal league. Our Staff create a special site about this new opportunity for the players.

Saturday, 31/03

S4 League | 16:34
Warm up your Weapons! S4L Spring Cup!All fired up for our recently announced Spring Cup? Well here you go!

Thursday, 22/03

S4 League | 15:37
ESL Needs You!!The ESL s4l section is searching highly motivated admins. A new section relaunch is planned soon and we need you! The focus will be set let this section back in EU scene with and Tournaments. So if you find yourself in the requirements below, have some spare time and find yourself in the word "responsibility", then do not hesitate and apply now!

Tuesday, 20/12

S4 League | 12:56
Hot Winter in the ESL!It's getting hot in the ESL with more cups for just about everybody! The collosal cup for Sword players and the Winter seasonal Cup for Guns players await you!

Friday, 25/11

S4 League | 12:36
Next month's cups and Autumn Cup Winner!More Cups for everyone! Guns ablaze, Swords swinging and earning everlasting Glory! 2v2 and 4v4 Cups incoming, also Who's won that 1on1 Cup? Find out more now!

Saturday, 05/11

S4 League | 00:21
Oldschool Rocking Cup!Get ready to rock! Strike, cut and slice your opponents in our OldSchool Rocking Cup this month! Starting from Saturday 5th, each week-end our teams will clash in a merciless display of skill, might and strategy in this magnificent map!

Sunday, 23/10

S4 League | 17:31
Cup,Cups,Cups! And a new Ladder!?We are very excited to present to you the progress in our latest cups! But there's more to come, Sword Cups and maybe even a ladder?!
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