Invigoration #2
The next cup of the new Invigoration Series is announced, along with the results of Tuesdays cup. Who will win this next round? Read on to find out more!

Invigoration #1 Results

Well done to all who played in the first cup of the Invigoration Cup series and congratulations to FaXa for winning!

1st     FaXa
2nd     Shikyo
3rd     MakeMeAlive

To see the full list of results, please look at the Tournament Tree.

Invigoration #2

The Invigoration #2 will begin this Thursday, this uses the usual Invigoration Cup 1on1 rules and the signups are now open! Please remember to checkin on time, the Cup will start on the 23/09/10 at 19:00 CEST. Good luck to all participants!

Invigoration Cup Rules Overview

Match Mode1on1
Play ModeBest of One until the Quarter Finals - The map is set by the ESL. Best of Three from Quarter Finals onwards - First map set by the ESL, then the loser chooses the next map.
ScoreEnter the score of each round.
Example: Round 1: 334:140 Round 2: 120: 345
MatchmediasUploading Screenshots and replays is required.

You can find all important rules and settings in the league info.

Map Pool

Above the River
Behind Enemy Lines
Tank Graveyard

How to sign up?

Register on ESL
Enter your R.U.S.E Steam Name
Click the sign up link!
Check in before the cup starts!
Check in open: 23/09/10 18:30 CEST
Check in closes at: 23/09/10 18:40 CEST
Late Sign up : 23/09/10 18:40 CEST
Cup start at: 23/09/10 19:00 CEST

We are searching for admins!

If you think that you are up to the job, and would like to be a helping hand in your community, then please write an admin application!

Your R.U.S.E Admin Team
Cidian, Wednesday, 22/09/10 12:59
1on1 Ladder Rules
1on1 Ladder Sign up!
Invigoration #2 Sign up!
Invigoration Rules
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