Autumn League Ceremony
Two months after the start of our Autumn Leagues the winners are known! Pros of Pain and iP topped the First Divisions respectively in CTF and TDM. In Division2 Trudne Sprawy and Skillz United drew the longest straw while Operation Gamers 4 Life and Saints and Sinners took the upperhand in Division3! Due to TDM having the most sign ups, prizes will be divided under this playmode.

Team Deathmatch Division1

By winning the Autumn League iP earned themselves the Autumn League Award and 2 months Premium. Neutralizerz came one point short to win and gets one month Premium.

Team Deathmatch Division2

In Division2 Skillz United was to strong and set a flawless record. 4th Dimension only lost to the #1 and ends 2nd. Both teams get one month Premium.

Team Deathmatch Division3

Division3 was a neck on neck race between Saints and Sinners and Gentlemen Club. Equal points and a draw between each other made the victory go to Saints and Sinners who had a better kill/death ratio. They win one month Premium.

Capture The Flag Division1

Capture The Flag Division2

Capture The Flag Division3

kwatsch, Saturday, 24/12/11 13:53
Capture The Flag Rankings
Team Deathmatch Rankings
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