EMS IX QL - Quarter Finals!
The Eighth Finals came to an end. The last four for the quarter finals are known after the number one of each group already being qualified. Eight different nationalities will duel their way to the semi-finals. The first quarter matches will be played on Thursday 22 December. Stay tuned for our live coverage!!!
Quarter Finals

Thursday, 05/01/12 20:00
Status: closed

  Spart1e (#8) [NaN:NaN]  strenx (#1)

Tuesday, 10/01/12 20:00
Status: closed

  lotn1k (#5) [NaN:NaN]  Sc00T (#4)

Sunday, 15/01/12 18:00
Status: closed

  k1llsen (#3) [NaN:NaN]  kRoNic (#6)

Thursday, 05/01/12 20:00
Status: closed

  agentJkezooR (#2) [NaN:NaN]  GaRpY (#7)

Demos Eighth Finals

  strenx vs.   reload none
  lotn1k vs.   Guismo12 none
  kRoNic vs.   Taake available
  agentJkezooR vs.   Reaper available

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Prize Money

The top 3 in EMS IX will be rewarded with the following money prizes:

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series IX

1,000 €

Quake Live

   1st500 €
   2nd300 €
   3rd200 €

kwatsch, Monday, 19/12/11 12:42
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