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Because of many posts at last, we open 2 new topics. One of them is "Clan is searching Player". There you can official search your new clans.

This new option is the only possibility we allow. Any other posts will be deleted.

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Projekt Mercenary recruting Quake Live Players
Our Team is searching for some skilled Players to create a new Team.

Whats the support for you:
Bootcamps ( 2-3 Weekends in Quartal)
Softdrinks on every LAN
Premium Account

What you have to offer for good Support:

Professional Gaming


Contract with our Clan

Activ on LANs and Cups


ICQ: 322175187 

Email: knechtr@fourvisions.org

Homepage: http://www.Projekt-Mercenary.deb[

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Hello folks,

Quake++ (Q++) is searching for one more european player joining us to participate in the ESL 4on4 CA ladder.

In detail we're looking for member who have experience in playing Q3/QL and especially CA in general for a longer time with decent skill.

We're also interested in playing some matches with you to figure out your level of skill and your style of gaming in general.

You also should be available regularly on our IRC channel so we can play public matches, fun games and clan wars. Basically it would be of advantage if you are online often, like around 4-5 days a week or even more often.

Of course we're up to join other leagues/ladders in the future as we've also competed in several known leagues like House of Quake's or the AVA Trophy already in the past.

If you're interested in joining forces then get in contact with us - it would be great if you are the (wo)man fitting in our team!

And yes: It's not all about winning - we want fun in the first place! =o)

IRC: #q++.ql (quakenet)
Team page: http://www.esl.eu/eu/quakelive/team/5410268/

Azaro: http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/summary/Azaro
Thasmo: http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/summary/Thasmo
Victimed: http://www.quakelive.com/#!profile/summary/Victimed
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Good afternoon you Quakers out there!

The multigaming clan CMaK-Gaming is building up a Quake Live division right now and therefore searches for ambicious and active Quake Live players from all over Europe!

First something about CMaK-Gaming:

CMaK gaming is a multigaming clan founded back in 2006. Since then it was somewhat active trough the (almost) five last years. At the moment it is the home of:

1x Call of Duty 4 Squad (german division)
1x Call of Duty 4 Squad (russian division)
1x Call of Duty 4 Squad (mixed mostly from eastern eu)
1x Call of Duty: Black Ops Squad (mixed eastern eu)
1x Call of Duty 2 Squad (mixed eastern eu)
1x Counter Strike 1.6 Squad (mixed)

and the most important for this post: 1x Quake Live Squad (planed to be mixed from all over eu).

Now who we search for:

From all over EU but you need to speak/write in English fluidly!
No real limitation here aslong as you can behave properly (that's important!).
Everything from low to high is accepted (altough highskilled players might get bored when playing with low-mid tier players).
We search for Duel, CA, TDM and CTF players.
Friendly, active, ambicious, reliable, trustworthy, mature are all adjectives you should be able to call out when talking about you.
You should have a Headset or Headphones and a Microphone and install the latest TeamSpeak 3 Client since it is our Voicetool of choice for team-modes. You also should have a IRC-Client and atleas one of the following contact-possibilitys:
You should check, our homepage atleast once a day and devote atleast 2 hours for practice-sessions for two times a week (total of 4 hours, the training-dates will be decided when more people join the squad).

Following some stuff that we can offer you:

We can offer you a nice individual homepage ( http://cmak-gaming.de ) that is updated on a almost daily basis. We also have a good TeamSpeak 3 Server with a seperate channel for our squad and soon we will have a own IRC-Channel for the clan. Beside those things that are important for us Quakers, there are two CoD4, a CoD2 and a CS 1.6 war-server that belong to CMaK-Gaming.

If you are interested you can contact us per:

Here on the ESL-Page: Trough a PM send to me (WTFProoF).
On our Homepage: Trough a PM send to me (WTFProoF?!) on http://cmak-gaming.de .
ICQ: 590652071
Xfire: wallerus
Steam: CMaK|WTFProoF?!
Email: i.navdaev@hotmail.de
Quake Live: WTFProF or WTFProoF

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon

Ivan 'WTFProoF?!' Navdaev
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infected Gaming is still searching CA players for the 4on4 Ladder!

In addition to Quake Live we also play Warcraft 3!

User-friendly Homepage!
Our homepage www.infected-gaming.com the home of our community! It's user-friendly and active.

All what you need!
We've got a Teamspeak 3 Server and enough members with whom you can have fun!

There are many ways to contact us:
-Over ESL (send me a message)
-Over our homepage (www.infected-gaming.com - You can write a application our contant me via PN)
-Quake Live (Add me (Account-name: SuperZwerg) and write me over chat)

We are looking forward to see you!

Your iG-Team
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Hi all guys!

The multigaming clan ''2Fast'' is searching for good players.

The games where we go to play are:

Quake Live, War Rock, CoD 4, Point blank and Combat arms.

We seek people who can be active (3 or 4 hours / day) and know to respect others.
Another condition is that they have over 18 years and are mature and serious,but also with humor. 

We search for:

From all over EU but you need to speak/write in English or Spanish fluidly! 
Everyone are accepted.
We search for CA, TDM and CTF players.
Friendly, active, Serious, trustworthy, mature are all adjectives you should be able to call out when talking about you.

''Games are for fun.''

Contact with me at: fobofo10@gmail.com or

 We hope many of you will join. Thank you.

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Matrix Team Multigaming seeks teams/players in Quake Live.
From you:
1. Active participation in tournaments, cups, leagues, ladders.
2. Adequacy.
3. The desire to improve your skill.
4. Skill: low + / med +
5. Age: 16 +

From us:
1. Website
2. TS server.

Steam- mertkaya97, Skype- goodBOY6516, ICQ- 589381781

Yammi !
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The Multigaming Clan Immitis Caede is looking for Member for the Quake Squad.


- ts3 + headset
- Fun at playing Cod Mw3
- Game Experience
- skill : med+

What we give to u:

- Ts3
- Fun
- Great Community
- Great Management
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