Tuesday, 10/07

Quake Live | 00:39
DUEL Summer League 2012After a successful Summer League last year, the ESL Quake Live kicks off with a new one this year! Are you Pro, Amateur or new to Quake? No worries... we provide competition tailor made at your skill level. So, grab your Quake gear, sign up now, play your matches in a groupstage, advance to the playoffs, get rid off advertisement on ESL if you win your division and get auto signed up for a lottery of our Seasonal Award between the winners of all divisions!

Sunday, 24/06

Quake Live | 10:25
Admins WantedThe ESL Quake Live section is searching for new motivated manpower which could help rebuild the section! Are you passionated by Quake Live? Then do not hesitate to apply! Being an admin has also a few advantages... you get free Premium, mIRC Bouncer, the first to know new stuff within ESL, the first to receive Beta keys from other games, ...

Monday, 21/05

Quake Live | 15:28
CA Spring Season WinnersAfter eight weeks of intense Clan Arena playing, the Spring season ended. During the whole period faces of meth lead the ranking and nothing has changed... A third place in our last Spring Cup was enough to become our Spring Season winner. Kill Revenge Survive secures the second place and VOLTAGE GAMING fulfils the podium with a third place.

Friday, 04/05

Quake Live | 20:18
MMC MayAre you an active team here in the Quake Live section? Every month we reward the most active team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active team, you win!

Monday, 02/04

Quake Live | 14:20
MMC - AprilAre you an active team here in the Quake Live section? Every month we reward the most active team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active team, you win!

Wednesday, 21/03

Quake Live | 23:34
TDM 4v4 Activity Matters Cup SeriesActivity matters! In this series of TDM 4v4 cups, we're going to prove that this community still has the potential to be among the top titles! Four one-night cups in which teams can earn points for attending and for their placement, and a fifth final cup in which the eight best, most active teams will fight an epic double elimination battle!

Tuesday, 20/03

Quake Live | 10:04
CA Spring Season 2012Pick up your toys, get your armor, practice your strafe, fix your aim! Everything will be needed to become victorious in the Clan Arena Spring Season! Each week one cup will be held, this for 8 weeks in a row. The top 8 of each cup gets points, at the end of week 8, all points will be summed and the top3 earns themselves ESL Premium. For the king of the hill, there is also an exclusive team award! Not only skill, also activity matters!

Monday, 05/03

Quake Live | 23:12
Most Matches CompetitionAre you an active team here in the Quake Live section? Every month we reward the most active team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active team, you win!

Tuesday, 21/02

Quake Live | 21:50
Quake Live Admins wantedThe ESL Quake Live section is searching 3 / 4 highly motivated admins. A new section relaunch is planned soon and we need you! The focus will be set towards VERSUS. and Tournaments. So if you find yourself in the requirements below, have some spare time and find yourself in the word "responsibility", then do not hesitate and apply now!

Thursday, 16/02

Quake Live | 16:50
EMS IX QL - Crazy Final concluded [VoD]The ESL Major Series IX reached it's end. A thrilling final between the French star strenx and the beloved German k1llsen. More on the match below the Video on Demand to avoid spoiling it for those who haven't watched it yet, it is suffice to say it was an epic match!

Tuesday, 07/02

Quake Live | 11:41
Most Matches CompetitionAre you an active team here in the Quake Live section? Every month we reward the most active team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active team, you win!

Tuesday, 24/01

Quake Live | 15:44
EMS IX Quakelive: The Finals [Win Premium!]The last run towards the end of EMS IX started. 24 Players kicked off in season IX, 12 players reached the playoffs and this week, the best 2 face each other! In the Semi Finals :fr: strenx was to strong for :nl: Sc00T while :de: k1llsen topped out :ru: agentJkezooR. From the moment matches are scheduled, we will update this newspost for streaming info!

Monday, 23/01

Quake Live | 18:58
CTF PQL Night Cup IIt has been a while... but we are back with cups! Our first Night Cup is dedicated to all the CTFers. This time not the normal CTF, but PQL active! Depending on the sign ups, different skill divisions will be made. It could be that small divisions become a Double Elimination bracket. For more info, please check out this post!

Friday, 20/01

Quake Live | 10:31
CA Challenge - Procedemus takes it!The Clan Arena Challenge ended last night! During 4 qualifiers, teams could participate to reach the last 8, who would all play each other once. :eu: Procedemus was unstoppable and won all matches and didn't lose one map. The 2nd is for :pl: Kill Revenge Survive who only lost to Procedemus. At the 3rd place there is an other Polish team, Frogs of War.

Tuesday, 17/01

Quake Live | 10:18
EMS IX QL - Semi FinalsThe last stage before the Grand Final has been reached. Four top notch players will Duel with only one goal: reaching the Final and winning it! The first match is planned for tonight and will take place between :fr: strenx and :nl: Sc00T. No date is determined yet for the 2nd match between :de: k1llsen and :ru: agent. Place your bets!

Saturday, 24/12

Quake Live | 13:53
Autumn League CeremonyTwo months after the start of our Autumn Leagues the winners are known! Pros of Pain and iP topped the First Divisions respectively in CTF and TDM. In Division2 Trudne Sprawy and Skillz United drew the longest straw while Operation Gamers 4 Life and Saints and Sinners took the upperhand in Division3! Due to TDM having the most sign ups, prizes will be divided under this playmode.

Monday, 19/12

Quake Live | 12:42
EMS IX QL - Quarter Finals!The Eighth Finals came to an end. The last four for the quarter finals are known after the number one of each group already being qualified. Eight different nationalities will duel their way to the semi-finals. The first quarter matches will be played on Thursday 22 December. Stay tuned for our live coverage!!!

Monday, 12/12

Quake Live | 17:03
EMS IX QL - Up to the playoffs!The first part of the ESL Major Series has come to an end. 24 players duelled with one purpose, reaching the top 3 in their group. :de: k1llsen, :uk: GaRpY, :se: Spart1e and :nl: Sc00T came out as the strongest and earned themselves a spot in the Quarter Finals. The other qualified players start off with their first match upcoming Thursday!

Tuesday, 15/11

Quake Live | 19:12
Duel goes VERSUS!People have been asking for it and... HERE IT IS! Quake Live has been added to the popular ESL Versus system. Currently only Duel is available, but within a few weeks Quake Live Versus will feature more modes and formats. The perfect opportunity to start testing out Versus and who knows... maybe even winning one of our Versus Beta Awards because you belong to the most active QL Versus Beta players!

Thursday, 10/11

Quake Live | 18:56
CA Challenge - Last QualifierWe are up to our 4th and last qualifier in the CA Challenge. So far 6 teams qualified for the premiership. If you want to end between the last 8, then do not hesitate to sign up in our last qualifier. Only the first 2 qualify for the final premiership. The 4 qualifier will take place on Monday 14 November!

Tuesday, 01/11

Quake Live | 10:39
CC2011 - Denmark takes it!Our TDM Country Championship has come to an end. More than 16 countries participated and fought to bring their country to the top. This year Denmark came out as the strongest after defeating France in a close Final. Sweden faced United Kingdom and earned themselves a podium spot.

Wednesday, 26/10

Quake Live | 00:06
Autumn Leagues ready to go!The sign ups for both Autumn Leagues have been closed. Around 20 TDM and CTF teams will take part in this seasonal league. Both modes have been divided into 3 divisions and will play each other once. Who will end first and can call themselves the best Autumn team of 2011? Everything will be known in 6 weeks!

Tuesday, 25/10

Quake Live | 15:31
EMS IX QL - Groups are ready!With the Last Chance Cup finished last Sunday, the last player for the group stage is now known and the groups are filled! Venomz is joining the 23 other players and the matches are starting this Thursday! Place your bets and shout your favourite player to victory! Good luck and have fun all!

Wednesday, 19/10

Quake Live | 12:13
The Clan Arena ChallengeWith the recent release of the our TDM & CTF Autumn League, we did not forget our Clan Arena players. The CA challenge will feature 4 Qualifier. In each Qualifier, the best 2 qualify for a premiership. This means in total 8 teams will reach the premiership in which they all will play each other. Whoever ends first in the premiership will be the winner of The CA Challenge!

Tuesday, 18/10

Quake Live | 15:14
EMS IX QL - 24 stars will shine!The last Qualifier round has come to an end. 24 players were still in the running to reach the Main Round of the ESL Major Series Season IX. 12 players qualified and complete the amount of 24 spots in the EMS IX Main Round. The 24 players will now be divided into 4 groups and each player will play each other once in a BO5. How will the top3 of EMS IX look like according to you?

Tuesday, 11/10

Quake Live | 11:22
Autumn Leagues 2011After a successful Duel Summer League, the playmodes for this Autumn League are CTF and TDM! Sign up and grab your chance to come out victorious! Both Leagues will run the same. Depending on the sign ups, divisions will be made. Each team plays each other once and at the end, the team which ends first is our Autumn winner! The Autumn League Award will be given to the mode for which the most teams signed up! So spread the news!

Monday, 10/10

Quake Live | 21:12
Summer League 2011 CeremonyThe Summer League finals have been played. Around 100 players fought in 5 different divisions to reach the playoffs and win the Summer League! In div1 Guismo12 won over kRoNic. Div2 went to gooda while div3 had a French final in which sh4rpe took the upperhand. Div4 was for nekvic and div5 ended in favour of kwatsch. Due to huge amount of players and divisions, we tried to split the prizes as best as possible.
Quake Live | 15:08
EMS IX QL - QR2After some unfortunate delays, it's time to jump in the second Qualification Round for the EMS IX Quakelive Duel this week! This is the final step before the players are added to the Group Stage of the competition. Only 12 players will go through it! The default date and time for all the matches is set to <b>Thursday 13th at 20:00 CEST</B>!

Sunday, 09/10

Quake Live | 12:52
CC2011: Le moment suprêmeThe TDM Country Championship is coming at its end. The Final and the 3rd place decider will take place during the next days. Who will crown themselves till best TDM country of 2011? Denmark or France? Who will make the podium complete by ending 3rd? Sweden or United Kingdom? Everything can be followed live! Make sure you tune in at the scheduled times and don't miss out!

Thursday, 06/10

Quake Live | 01:39
CC2011 - Juven1le InterviewRight after his captain, it's the turn of the mighty Danish Juven1le to answer our questions. His team will face France in the Final of the Country Championship TDM 2011!
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