Admins Wanted
The ESL Quake Live section is searching for new motivated manpower which could help rebuild the section! Are you passionated by Quake Live? Then do not hesitate to apply! Being an admin has also a few advantages... you get free Premium, mIRC Bouncer, the first to know new stuff within ESL, the first to receive Beta keys from other games, ...
What are we looking for?

This is very important, we are not looking for title collectors. People who want to have the title of Admin without doing any admin work. We are looking for people who want to do work to better the league. If you do not plan on doing consistent work for the next upcoming months, then do not send an application!

Duties of an ESL admin

* All applications to join a ladder, league or tournament are moderated by an admin and must be accepted or rejected depending upon the rules.

* Official matches often lead to arguments. These disputes can be written down using our Protest Ticket system. Admins are responsible for providing a fast response and are in charge of finding a solution to the problems which have arisen.

* ESL Admins are also required to provide support to ESL users by answering Support Tickets and by helping in mIRC.

* It is also important to be active and creative. Admins should come up with new ideas, should be entrepreneurial and should have a sense of responsibility.

What are the requirements?

General requirements:
* At least 18 years(exceptions may be given!)
* A good knowledge of the English language
* A good knowledge of the game and the scene
* A sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility
* Neutrality and objectivity in decision making
* Understanding the nature of conflicts and being able to resolve them
* Capability of working in a dynamic team

Application will be evaluated on their quality.

So, if you think you have what it takes to become part of our staff, click below to send your application! Obviously... applications should be written in English.


kwatsch, Sunday, 24/06/12 10:25
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