TDM 4v4 Activity Matters Cup Series
Activity matters! In this series of TDM 4v4 cups, we're going to prove that this community still has the potential to be among the top titles!
Four one-night cups in which teams can earn points for attending and for their placement, and a fifth final cup in which the eight best, most active teams will fight an epic double elimination battle!
After quite good feedback on my proposal we can now proudly announce: The Activity Matters Cup Series goes live!

Two divisions with 16 teams each will have four one-night cups each Tuesday, starting on April 3rd at 20 CET. Each attendent gets 50 points, plus up to 100 points for their placement in the cup. The eight top teams of each division will play the grand final cup on Sunday 29th of April, starting at 16 CET. All cups will be streamed by Level Up TV (and maybe others: just msg us if you want to cover matches!).

Nuff said, here's the cup page with all the information you need: ESL Activity Matters Cup Series.

Let's fill the brackets and earn the right to have TDM 4v4 in the next EMS!

We are searching for admins!

If you think that you are up to the job, and would like to be a helping hand in your community, then please write an Admin application! For more information about the requirements, check out the Admins Wanted Portal.

ESL QuakeLive Twitter!
We have decided to make an Official ESL Quake Live Twitter page because it would be easier to communicate with the active ESL community. Besides that we could also keep you up to date about the upcoming events and coverage!
smuf, Wednesday, 21/03/12 23:34
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Quakelive is a brilliant game and floors everytitle to date, it may not have the best gfx interface but its pure fast fps like no other , ive been playing since beta (QUAKEZERO ie new name QUAKELIVE)
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