2nd CTF 4v4 Summer 2010 *cancelled*
On Thursday 5th we will run our fourth cup of the Summer 2010 on ESL Europe Quakelive!

Since there were already a few TDM and Duel cups during the last days, we decided to run a second CTF cup with a little change in the cup format: Double Brackets!

Update 2: With Quakelive getting out of Beta testing (now requiring a Premium account to join a private server) and the after-release problems, it is nearly impossible for us to run a CTF cup in proper conditions. Therefor we decided to cancel the tournament. We also don't plan on running cups based on team modes such as TDM, CTF or CA until the dust settles.

Update: As the Quakelive staff just announced a big update for today, we have to reschedule the CTF cup to Monday 9th because of the downtime!


  • Max Teams: 16 - 4v4
  • Check in time: 19h40 CEST
  • Starting time: 20h00 CEST
  • Cup format: Double Elimination
  • Match format: Winner Brackets: bo3 / Loser Brackets: bo1
  • Meeting place: #esl.quakelive on Quakenet


  • The ESL Europe QuakeLive rules apply.
  • Maps: qzctf2, qzctf3, qzctf7, qzctf8, qzctf10
  • The deadline for the match is 15 minutes, after that a noshow will be entered
  • All players must enter their QuakeLive username on their Gameaccounts page.

First CTF 4v4 Rankings

Last but not least, here are the rankings from our first CTF cup!

Best of luck,
your ESL Europe
xou, Monday, 02/08/10 15:30
Quake Live CTF 4on4 CTF Summer 2010 #4
CTF 4v4 Summer 2010 - Brackets
CTF 4v4 Summer 2010 - Sign up
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why its in the middle of the week? ;/ i want a cup on weekend so i can play when im not in work!!
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