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#3 | 23/01/12 14:46

Ok we try to reanimate 4v4 ca ladder and thx to ESL, and some cant join due to pro/prem problem ,invitation of non prem to the server and stuff.
But it would be nice if a team can say that they dont play prem map and the challenging team has to deal with it...may they could set it on ESL clanpage
im sure more clans would join ladder, this would be nice.

overkill is the only playable  prem map.

almost all popular maps are in the the pool exept almost lost.  cold war is much too big to play 4v4.On standart pub server is no floor damage, can we turn it off if both teams agree?maybe u make option in match setup...

We want to make a sub squad to join same ladder as mother clan.Is it ok if the players r set to inaktive in motherclan to play in subteam or do they have to leave motherclan? sry I did not find in rules..
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