I have no access to my account, but I have a playercard

If you have no access to your account, but you have a Playercard it is very easy to get your account back. You have to make a support ticket (category: "playercard"), which can be done without be logged in.
Your support ticket has to contain following information:
- your accountID
- your old email address
- your new email address
- your verification key from your Playercard letter
- your card number
- If you have lost your card number and your verification key - see following procedure

If you have no access to your account and you don't have a Playercard (or verification key or card number) you need to verify with your ID card. Please read the following steps:

Step 1)
Create a support ticket with the following information:
- your accountID / link to your profile
- your old email address
- your new email address
- a short reason why you have no access to your account

Step 2)
Wait for a reply. The admins will tell you how to go on. If the admins tell you to verify with your ID card, see Step 3)

Step 3)
Please send us a copy of your passport/ID and your support ticket ID at one of the following adresses:

Please add the Ticket ID (shown above in the ticket and in the mail) and the link to your Account to assign your request correctly.

The ticket will not process until your passport was checked. Should you have any questions about data privacy or your passport copy, please do not hesitate to contact the employees of Turtle Entertainment via the e-mail address named above.

Step 4)
After the verification is done, the Staff will give you further instructions how to get access to your account.

We hope that you will soon be able to join our daily esport business actively again.

IMPORTANT: If there are any signs that a third person used your account partly, you should change all your login details. This is the password (and the security question of your free email) of your email address and of course all passwords which can be combined with games or other websites. To scan your computer for a virus or spyware would not be amiss. But very important is, don't use the same login details as before.

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