Go4PrimeWorld - 1,000 USD Monthly Final May
The Go4PrimeWorld Monthly Final is happening in the next weeks and it has a prize pot of 1,000 USD. The winner will take 500 USD, the second place still gets 300 USD and the winner of the third place match gets the remaining 200 USD. We wish all teams the best of luck and may the best team win.

Monthly Final - Teams

Full Monthly Ranking May

Tuesday, 03/06/14 20:00
Status: closed

 Elevated Flavor (#1)[1:0]  (#8)

Tuesday, 03/06/14 20:00
Status: exception

 Hugs & Kisses (#5)[XX:XX] NERO eSports (#4)

Tuesday, 03/06/14 20:00
Status: closed

 Sixpacks are we.. (#3)[1:0] Ghost (#6)

Tuesday, 03/06/14 20:00
Status: closed

 -CE- (#7)[0:1] QQNoobs (#2)

Ranking points and prize money distribution

Place Sunday Cup
Monthly Final
1st Place 100 points 500 USD
2nd Place 60 points 300 USD
3rd Place 40 points 200 USD
4th Place 25 points -
5-8th Place 5 points -
9-16th Place 1 points -
All further ingame prizes can be found in this announcement. As a participant you need to enter your line up on the ESL match, so we know you played and that we can give out the rewards.

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We wish all players and teams good luck and have fun!

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bLackhawk, Monday, 26/05/14 14:16
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