Some PokerTH Changes...
Hey guys, you probably noticed few changes in our menu bar, but it is not the only one change. We decided to get some fresh breath to our page, that is why we will add one more small detail later.
Check here what else we want to change and announce.

2on2 ladder change

Since we made 2on2 special cup we want to change this ladder into this settings. It means ladder will be reset soon (02-03.07.2012), and your points also. To encourage you to back and compete we will organise MMC to give you an opportunities to earn some premium days, and something special, but about it later.

Specific rules will be simple:

4 players -> one table
time to be late 20 min
Possible score: win/loss
no draw
2000$ ; blinds 20/40 rise every 10 rounds ; 15 sec to act
any suggestion? please post it!

Unclear decisions & rules

After many doubts we still try to standardize all rules and decisions. That is why we want to exaplain few of them:

all matches with wrong settings will be rated - it means you have to check it before you start the match. Result in this case: protest rejected & match rated

All protests about match date without change matchdate even once will be rejected. Mandatory matches are mandatory, and they will not be delete without good reason.

Unfair Behaviour will be punish with no ticket or warning. Example: playing always with one guy and cancel other challenges to get awards ; or challenge other users and delete it few minutes later etc.

Don't spam about gameaccount, your PokerTH nickname has to be similar to ESL name!.If not, you're not able to play in our section.

Wrong GA will be punish by 1-3pps [match could be deleted- depend on situation]

Penalty Points will not be delete only because you write a ticket, you have to comply to admins recommendations

Double challenges are not allowed. It means you can write ticket and one of these challenges will be deleted.

Design & Plans

After we change our menu we would like to know if it works correct, so if you find any bug, please send me PW.
We also want to show you our nearest plans for great competition with new award & as you can see in menu bars we reserve slot for it :) Be ready for some atractions soon.

We also hope this news will help you to decrease your penalty points and encourage to play with us !

//yours Admin Team
Cejlon, Friday, 22/06/12 21:18
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allowed some suggestions about blind's setting in EU ladders ?
sasha wrote:
allowed some suggestions about blind's setting in EU ladders ?

which ladders?:)
ladder of pokerTH ; like 1on1, turbo and fixed. Example: blind in 1on1 so litte at start and after very agressive = bingo after 30 or 40 hands. in turbo 20-40, 1500/40 = 37,5 bb, 1500/80 = 18,5 bb = very too agressive only in 4 min! = luck is very important. I propose change settings. What is thinking everybody?
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sasha I think it is well the blinds, the ladder is called TURBO, is for aggressive players
nice changes

P.S. search mate for 2on2 ladder
We are thinking about High Level Ladder in the nearest future, so then we would concern some possible settings ;)
Cejlon what you think about like in Germany poker season + award of national champion Europe?
Poker Season will be run for sure, but I cant tell you any closer date.
#6 - ok, when you need a proposition about settings i'll give it :)
Suggestions from community are always welcome :)
the new 2on2 ladder settings are a good and new idea, cejlon
Wait untill we announce next news ^^
3on3+ Ladder !
And Done!
2on2 ladder has been reset!
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