New Mode on VERSUS with special Events
After we had the usual 1on1 mode for a while, we will introduce you to our new mode on VERSUS. Our first try is a 2on2 mode. Later we will also try some other modes, you suggested. So this is your chance to suggest a new mode.

MMC in progress

Remember, currently we run our Most Matches Competiton with a daily Power Hour from 18:00 to 20:00 (CET). The interim status on Day 5 (Top5):
#PlayerMatchesVS Points
4T C P H E L M133801

New Modes

Yesterday we started with the 2on2 mode on VERSUS. You can choose now for 1on1 or 2on2. The 2on2 mode will maybe more usefull for the real poker player, who doesn't go all-in all the way.
If you like to suggest other modes or give feedback to this mode, write a comment. So what's about a 1on1 All-In Cloud and a usual 1on1 Cloud?

Tell a friend

We also want to start an other Event. It is called "Tell a friend". So what's to do? Just play with your friends as usual. The difference is, if your friend is playing PokerTH the first time (in May) in VERSUS (means: hasn't played VERSUS last Season), he will get two Premium Codes. One for him and one for you. So lets go and tell a friend about PokerTH in VERSUS.
pimpen, Thursday, 17/05/12 18:56
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What the classment ?
#2 dou you spik engliche ?
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