Sunday Night is Pokernight #11
Next to our 2on2 cup we will also start a new Pokernight cup for the players who can't find a 2on2 mate. But this doesn't mean that the players who are playing the 2on2 cup aren't invited. We will now be playing the standard 1on1 Heads-Up.

What can I win?

In the weekly Pokernights you cannot win any premiumprizes. But a few months ago the ESL introduced several new cup awards. Check out this news to find out more.


Sunday, 03rd April 2011 - Start: 19:00
32 players Single Elimination Cup

  • Max players: 2
  • Startmoney: 5.000$
  • Change Blinds settings to: 1st small blind 10$ / 1st big blind 20$ & raise blinds every 10 rounds
  • Time to act: 20 seconds
  • Password: As you wish
  • Nickname: ESL gameaccounts are mandatory

!!! For evereything obtains the rules of the PokerTH 1on1 Ladder! !!!


01.04.1100:00 pmBegin of registration
Sign Up
03.04.1118:29 pmEnd of registration
03.04.1118:30 pmCheck-In Start
03.04.1118:50 pmEnd of Check-In
03.04.11till 18:59 pmDirect Sign Up
03.04.11 19:00 pm1st round
PokerTH Client
03.04.11 19:45 pm2nd round
03.04.11 20:30 pm3rd round
03.04.11 21:15 pm4th round
03.04.11 22:00 pmMatch for 3rd place
PokerTH Client
03.04.11 22:00 pmFinal

> > Sign up! < <

Feel free to signup to this cup and we wish all of you a good hand and loads of chips. And remember, when there are five aces on the table, something must be wrong.

Check-In System

In this Cup we’ll use the ESL „Check-In System”. If you don’t know the handling, here’s a short explication.

Step 1 - Reservation (green)

Here you can reserve you place in this cup, but you have to affirm your participation later.

Step 2 - Affirmation (yellow)

30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to affirm your participation, if you have done that, you’re in the Cup.

Step 3 - Entry (red)

You didn’t get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still entering the cup 20 minutes before starting!

If you have any problems or questions, please write a support ticket!

Check out our 1on1 and 2on2 ladders to get some practice. We also have started a 2on2 Cup.
See you on the tables!

Best regards
your admin team
sne, Friday, 01/04/11 00:46
2on2 Cup
Hall of Fame
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comments (43)
i want to play too but im barred for nothing :(
you are barred for not sticking to the rules ;)
New wrote:
Wednesday, 03rd April 2011

Fix plz)
cup_already_full ?
no :-)


the same message here


Kleine sache auf Deutsch..
ihr habt die "Sign Up" button falsch verlinkt.


bishop, den musst du nehmen.. ;)
hehe eu Admins mal wieder ^^

Danke motti ^^
no problem.. ;)

in english:

You have to click http://www.esl.eu/eu/pokerth/1on1/sundaypokernight11/signup/" target="_blank">this Link to sign up for the cup!
The other sign-up-buttons are not right;)
1 edits
"nice Date" - 20.00 hour iss a Ger-Pokercup :(
dachte fängt um 19uhr an wollte ger. cup auch spielen :-)
1 edits
ole ole ole lets start us a Ticket attack ^^
english plz)) When will we start?
it is 19:11 ...
right we wait all
opponent ?
nice cup :-(
yes in 45 min start the Ger. Cup ^^
@ Admin TBL

Statement pls
dumdidu dumdidum^^ i have no time^^
lächerlich - foolish :(
who is Cup Admin? Patges is online ;)
1 edits
maybe immediately final & match for 3rd place? :D
Granne wrote:

stop spammin'.
Admin needs Help ? ;)
löl i think nobody can help Admin
4PL Poker Admins online we can help you ^^

Fatales Ende

messeage us ^^
I have nothing to do with cups sry :-)
lol :)
can i play ith the cup???
n1 cup, great.
wasn los hier!!
Will we play tonight?
i m waiting for an hour now ..when the cup starts?
kann mal eienr sagen was hier los is?
something went wrong with the planning. For everybody who signed in, we will move the cup to tuesday same time. We will also start a cup for next week sunday. A news will be published in the next hour with all information.

We are sorry for the problems

PS: even if we messed up you still have to stick to english as language
1 edits
yar7EM WALDIK fi dirrab t7inek kan enti tji dirrab rajel ! :D .. w na3n zokk ommm fi tadhi3 el wa9t xDD
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