Tuesday, 02/09

PokerTH | 10:20
1on1 Most Matches Competition: SeptemberAfter having no winner in July we got two for August! Curious who the winners are? You want to join the Most Matches Competition in September and win free Premium? Just go on reading and find out about all details!
PokerTH | 09:59
Afterwork Cup #17August is gone, September is here! No reason to stop with the weekly Afterwork Cups! Here is the first edition in September and 17th edition in total! Check out the details and date below!

Monday, 25/08

PokerTH | 19:53
1on1 Playoffs start!Finally the 1on1 summer tournament is also ready for the playoffs! Here are all details on the group results and the upcoming final stage!

Saturday, 23/08

PokerTH | 11:00
Afterwork Cup #16Finally all tournaments are in the Playoff-stages including the 1on1 and 2on2 Summer League as well as the Country Championship. You are already out due to losing in one of these tournaments? No problem! Join the Afterwork Cup Series! Of course all other players are welcome too!

Wednesday, 20/08

PokerTH | 13:54
CC: Playoffs Round I - StatementsThe playoffs just started yesterday. The respective team-captains nominated the lineup for the first round. The first 1on1 matches are about to start. We will have a look on these duells and asked the captains for a statement. Here is what they had to say:

Monday, 18/08

PokerTH | 12:36
Country Championship Playoffs!Ladies and Gentlemen! Time for the Playoffs! Due to some tight group matches we had to arrange some tiebreaker matches in both groups. Before we will come to the playoff details we want to have a look at those tiebreakers first:
PokerTH | 10:14
Afterwork Cup #15Here we go again! Afterworkcup #15 is ready to roll! Of course it will take place on Thursday - as always. In the meanwhile the Summer League playoffs started for the 2on2 tournament. 1on1 needs some more time due to knock out matches. So here is Afterworkcup #15!

Friday, 15/08

PokerTH | 12:43
2on2 Playoffs start!The first out of three running groupstages was finished yesterday. While the 1on1 groupstage is still under its way and the Country Championship in the Tibreaker-phase the 2on2 tournament is ready for the playoffs! Here are all details on the group results and the upcoming final stage!

Monday, 11/08

PokerTH | 14:10
Afterwork Cup #14You got some perspicacity or have you been confused by our Afterwork Cup banner? It does not matter as long as you do not lose the perspicacity when playing Poker in our Afterwork Cup Series! Here are the details for the cup on Thursday:

Tuesday, 05/08

PokerTH | 09:46
Afterwork Cup #13The groupstages of the Country Championship and the Summer Leagues are coming to an end. Some players and teams already played their matches. While we are waiting for the other contestants to complete their pending matches we will go on with the Afterwork Cup Series!
PokerTH | 09:22
1on1 Most Matches Competition: AugustJuly ended some days ago but we have no winner of the MMC July! Why that? The featured ladder was 2on2. There we had three teams with four matches but four is not five. So the minimum activity was not reached. Therefore we will switch over to one of the 1on1 ladders during August!

Wednesday, 16/07

PokerTH | 16:46
CC14: Statements first matchdaysThe first matches have been played! What are the impressions of the current group leaders?

Monday, 14/07

PokerTH | 11:52
Kickoff: Summer LeaguesThe world cup just finished! Time to get the Summer Leagues in PokerTH started! So here we are! The demand of slots was quite high. Therefore we extended the 1on1 and the 2on2 tournament.

Wednesday, 02/07

PokerTH | 11:08
2on2 Most Matches Competition: July and June's winnerAre you an active player / team here in the PokerTH section? Every month we reward the most active player/team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month!

Monday, 30/06

PokerTH | 15:16
Summer Season: 1on1 & 2on2The soccer world cup will finish in two weeks. Right in time when our Summer Season starts! This summer we will host the general 1on1 tournament but with different blinds.

Friday, 27/06

PokerTH | 17:21
Kick Off Country Championship 2014Captains: Check, Lineups: Check, Blinds: Check, Rules: Check! Time to announce the groups and get the tournament started!

Wednesday, 25/06

PokerTH | 14:53
CC14: Concept, Rules, BlindsAfter a short delay all teams gave their votings and submitted a checked lineup. Time for the last step: The rules and blinds! So here are all needed details to get the Country Championship 2014 started!

Tuesday, 17/06

PokerTH | 09:14
CC14: Captains, Format & Modus VoteTime for the next step! Below you will find the captains of all attending national teams. Now it is up to them completing the team and voting for the modus! After this was done we will reveal the blinds and rules!

Thursday, 12/06

PokerTH | 08:19
No Captains for your Country!The interest in a Country Championship was big but we lack of captains! That is why we need to extend the captain's application period till Sunday. Here is a short overview about the current standings:
PokerTH | 08:19
1on1 Spring League WinnerThe final has been played as well as the match for the 3rd place. Who won? You will find out below!

Friday, 06/06

PokerTH | 08:50
CC14: Teams & CaptainsReady for the next step? In this news you will find out about the teams and captains. If you plan to participate in this Country Championship as a player or even as a captain representing your country you must read on! If you are interested in the tournament itself you should read on too!
PokerTH | 08:49
Afterwork Cup #12The Spring League is slowly coming to its end and the preparations for the Country Championship are still going on. In the meanwhile we will continue with the Afterworkcups-Series! Here are all details for the 12th edition.

Thursday, 05/06

PokerTH | 14:30
We have found the PokerTH AllStar!Different modes, different formats, different blinds - The 1st PokerTH AllStars Series has finished! Who is in the Top 3 and who won? Check out the final ranking below!

Tuesday, 03/06

PokerTH | 11:26
2on2 Most Matches Competition: June and May 's winnerAre you an active player / team here in the PokerTH section? Every month we reward the most active player/team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month!
PokerTH | 09:32
Afterwork Cup #11After the Summer Series and the Allstar Series finished it is time to go on with another Series: The Afterwork Cups! So here are the details for Afterwork Cup #11!

Friday, 30/05

PokerTH | 11:59
Announcing: Country Championship 2014If you follow recent discussions in the PokerTH board you will be aware of this project. Here are the most recent developments regarding this tournament!

Wednesday, 28/05

PokerTH | 14:09
All Stars Cup #5The last All Stars Cup arrived! Collect the last points to win this series! Over 15 different guys still have the possibility to win this special Cup-Series while even more can place within the Top3!

Thursday, 22/05

PokerTH | 21:06
Spring League PlayoffsThe last group stage matches were finally finished but we had to do some elimination matches due to same stats in two groups. We have a tight schedule and cannot tolerate any bigger delays. Play the matches as soon as possible and not only on Sunday!

Wednesday, 21/05

PokerTH | 12:26
All Stars Cup #4Only 2 Cups to come and all players are quite close ranked! Collect the decisive points! The last event was hosted in the 2on2 format and all players of the team received the respective points. But now we are back to the 1on1 mode and you have to collect the points on your own!

Saturday, 17/05

PokerTH | 14:09
Winners 2on2 Spring SeriesThursday the last 2on2 Cup took place and the Top 3 have changed! So where is your team? Are you within the Top3? Here are the final standings!
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