Special Event
Hey guys, we have some extra event for you, because we need your help! Since we started to plan some bigger tournament than CC, we had problem how we can award the best players, so here is the idea, which we could offer you...

Main Point

We want to give special award for the best player who will win ourtournament. That is why we need your graphic skill to design a new medal, but there is few requirements:

This award cannot be connected only with poker(it means you cannot use poker card or sth like that->must be neutral)

It has to be some kind of trophy, you can add there some stars or diamonds

It must be symbol of hard working and many competition(like olympiad)

Please create award with red backgroud as usual on ESL and without it

You can send on my e-mail you design [ Cejlon@staff.esl.eu ] or paste links here, but then dont complain about plagiarism

Prizes for this event

Now what we can offer for your job, this is not so easy...

I dont want to tell you what we exacly organise, but the winner will be 100% participant there. When we would announce the winning award, then I will show the real prize :)

So that is why I'm waiting for you, it could be your place in the nearest PokerTH History!
If you have any question, feel free to ask me.

Best regards & good luck!
Cejlon, Friday, 25/05/12 15:07
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Hey guys, we need you!:D
The EU area should be to implement the rules and regulations and take care of processing the tickets. Always one step at a time.
how you calculate who is the best player? matchs winned/matchs played ?
This is not tournament, this is graphic event, if you show the best design of new award, then you will win sth special :)
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"...we had problem how we can award the best players..." - i thougth that is award for bests players of this event... now you tell that is award for best desing (it will be for winner team, right?) of award.
heh, I wrote that we dont know how to award the best player in future, and this news is about design event, so if you prepare the best award in any graphic program, you will win sth nice :D
make me beatiful award guys :)
dont forget that the real size of award will be 40px × 50px so make sure, your design will looks the same in size you send me :P
#8 have a mistake in last sentence must be feel.So when will be this cup and is barred players can play?
fixed xd small mistake :P
can barred players play?
crusher wrote:
can barred players play?


Zitat: Barred players can not play PokerTH CC 2012
#12 thanks.
it started 22.05 , crusher why you aren't in BG team?
#14 Because they dont like me.
#15 - Incomprehensible,i think you must be in.

Cejlon, what about some award for MVP of CC 2012 ? :D
#16 Don't u see the attitude of mostly every BULGARIA players at CC? Then you have the answer on why he is not in :)
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I dont understand why are you talking about CC or anything else ?
Here is the news about new award for esl and poker, but I see there is no much interested in ppl, so dont complain about prizes next time.
Cejlon is another players send you design of award?
Yes I have 2 designs atm, but im still waiting, untill I have about 7-8.
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