PokerTH New Version 0.9.3 released
The new version 0.9.3 is now available.
This new version is mandatory for esl matches. So please install the lastest version from pokerth.net.

2012-01-28 version 0.9.2

- Show card symbols in the log preview and in html export (#101)
- Implement optional "accidentally call" blocker (#35)
- BUGFIX: Rejoin a new game when previous game is still running (#108)
- BUGFIX: Incorrect descriptions of hands in log (#97)
- BUGFIX: Setting different log path (#99)
- BUGFIX: Warning that a change of log directory is only active after restart (#102)
- BUGFIX: Default file extension when exporting log is incorrect (#98)
- BUGFIX: "Show player stats" item doesn't work in game info field (#100)

2012-02-11 version 0.9.3

- Maemo support was updated in this source release
- Logs can now be stored for more than 7 days (#18)- Logos are shown in the log preview (#101)
- "multiline" game names are now prevented in the lobby, also on server side (#116)
- Several log files can now be deleted at once (select with CTRL + left click) (#110)
- The behaviour of the "Display idle players" sorting menu was slightly changed (#112)
- The serverlist is only downloaded once per day (and if an error occurs) (#119)

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