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First name: Kamil
Age: 24

Kamil was born on 07.09.1990 in Szczecin, Poland. Right now he is close to graduate his engineering studies of project managing, and master management degree. After all university stuff, he is still spendning his time on ESL, and hopes it won't change soon ^^
First name: René
Age: 17
City: Brno
I am a 16-years-old guy from Czech Republic and I am studying on Gymnázium in Brno . I began playing online games six/seven years ago . My first game , that i played on "higher" level was Crossfire . About 1 year ago , I joined ESL and I think , I can count that as my start in eSports community . Now I am Admin in PokerTH section.
First name: Patrick
Age: 33

Patrick was born on 18.08.1981 in Kiel. After finishing school he started an education as a software engineer, and he still works in this job. With some frieds he started playing counterstrike some years ago.. and he's still playing 1.6 ^^
First name: Gabriele
Age: 22
City: Bergamo
Gabriele Perrone ha 22 anni, nato a bergamo ma attualmente vive a milano. Studia presso la facoltà di Scienze Politiche all'università degli studi di milano ed è attivo in campo politico. Gli piace molto praticare sport, particolarmente calcio,nuoto e kickboxing. E' un ragazzo molto solare, adora stare in compagnia e aiutare dove può!

Age: 24
City: Valencia
Sasha was born on 3.01.1990 in Russia. Living in Spain since 2005. He likes e-games and sports. Actually, he is studing economics in university and playing a lot poker texas hold'em no limit :)
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