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History MeetYour.Makers
created action
07.11.04 19:54h Ballistic Ballers register_team  GlenFddich
07.11.04 20:43h Ballistic Ballers new_member  ripper
07.11.04 21:05h Ballistic Ballers new_member  KillerPumpa
07.11.04 21:38h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Makaay886
08.11.04 10:48h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Neo_1010
08.11.04 15:54h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Dr Jaft
08.11.04 17:32h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Grasmeister
09.11.04 16:01h Ballistic Ballers new_member  burley1980
10.11.04 15:09h Ballistic Ballers wanna_join_league  Ger Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
10.11.04 15:18h Ballistic Ballers new_member  fcnmuelli
10.11.04 15:32h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Lucasandrasara
10.11.04 17:20h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  Makaay886
10.11.04 19:03h Ballistic Ballers join_league  Ger Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
10.11.04 19:16h Ballistic Ballers new_member  JARKOITALIA
11.11.04 14:30h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Makaay886
11.11.04 17:13h Ballistic Ballers new_member  SeeDTiger
14.11.04 19:46h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  buschido88
14.11.04 20:35h Ballistic Ballers new_member  ActivePowerPlay
16.11.04 19:54h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Teppichbodenland
16.11.04 21:44h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  Dr Jaft
18.11.04 18:40h Ballistic Ballers new_member  ottmargille
18.11.04 20:37h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  Lucasandrasara
21.11.04 11:48h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Dr Jaft
21.11.04 18:30h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  JARKOITALIA
21.11.04 21:07h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  Dr Jaft
23.11.04 20:02h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Terminator
23.11.04 22:08h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Dr Jaft
26.11.04 16:49h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  SeeDTiger
27.11.04 14:50h Ballistic Ballers new_member  B1utgraetscher
27.11.04 18:59h Ballistic Ballers new_member  LevPower
04.12.04 19:23h Ballistic Ballers new_member  markus7985
04.12.04 19:38h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Mojo10745
05.12.04 11:02h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  LevPower
05.12.04 13:43h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  markus7985
07.12.04 01:27h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  Terminator
08.12.04 09:42h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Meltdown
11.12.04 19:29h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Michi20004
11.12.04 20:38h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  burley1980
11.12.04 20:39h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  Grasmeister
11.12.04 21:26h Ballistic Ballers new_member  LevsPower
13.12.04 16:42h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  Michi20004
15.12.04 22:39h Ballistic Ballers new_member  tipico
18.12.04 22:29h Ballistic Ballers new_member  waldemc124
18.12.04 22:42h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  Teppichbodenland
19.12.04 14:25h Ballistic Ballers new_member  cetchi5
21.12.04 19:06h Ballistic Ballers new_member  MaxMeister007
21.12.04 23:15h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  Neo_1010
22.12.04 14:14h Ballistic Ballers new_member  LARS HAMB.
22.12.04 18:57h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  Mojo10745
22.12.04 19:56h Ballistic Ballers kick_member  Dr Jaft
23.12.04 18:29h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Psychokicker
25.12.04 14:18h Ballistic Ballers new_member  Dr Jaft
26.12.04 16:48h Ballistic Ballers new_member  ofc tiziano
30.12.04 21:39h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  ripper
02.01.05 15:30h Ballistic Ballers leave_member  Dr Jaft
03.01.05 04:19h Ballistic Ballers change_name  Fair Winners
05.01.05 13:01h Fair Winners new_member  ripper
12.01.05 21:51h Fair Winners new_member  Stevoreds
13.01.05 21:12h Fair Winners new_member  geborener Meister
14.01.05 18:08h Fair Winners kick_member  ofc tiziano
14.01.05 18:08h Fair Winners kick_member  tipico
15.01.05 00:20h Fair Winners new_member  Mojo10745
15.01.05 20:42h Fair Winners leave_member  Stevoreds
15.01.05 23:58h Fair Winners new_member  Stevoreds
16.01.05 12:14h Fair Winners new_member  Ruicosta007
16.01.05 16:38h Fair Winners leave_member  Ruicosta007
17.01.05 12:07h Fair Winners leave_member  B1utgraetscher
17.01.05 21:12h Fair Winners wanna_join_league  International Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
17.01.05 21:38h Fair Winners join_league  International Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
19.01.05 13:06h Fair Winners kick_member  waldemc124
19.01.05 13:06h Fair Winners kick_member  Meltdown
21.01.05 14:25h Fair Winners new_member  Otzelot90
23.01.05 14:37h Fair Winners new_member  Bor
23.01.05 17:48h Fair Winners kick_member  Stevoreds
23.01.05 18:08h Fair Winners new_member  Stevoreds
23.01.05 20:46h Fair Winners leave_member  Stevoreds
25.01.05 16:06h Fair Winners new_member  SuperARSENAL 05
25.01.05 16:23h Fair Winners new_member  SuperManU 05
25.01.05 21:46h Fair Winners new_member  FIFA TurkishPG
26.01.05 12:37h Fair Winners leave_member  B1utgraetscher
07.02.05 10:35h Fair Winners set_parent  gamerzMutterteam
07.02.05 11:07h Fair Winners change_name  gamerz.fairwinners
07.02.05 11:11h gamerz.fairwinners kick_member  Otzelot90
08.02.05 16:18h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  B1utgraetscher
09.02.05 19:04h gamerz.fairwinners leave_member  SuperManU 05
20.02.05 14:05h gamerz.fairwinners kick_member  FIFA TurkishPG
20.02.05 17:42h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  newstarlegend
20.02.05 21:03h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  UtdSaban007
24.02.05 12:47h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  nady9000
26.02.05 13:57h gamerz.fairwinners kick_member  Mojo10745
26.02.05 13:57h gamerz.fairwinners kick_member  Makaay886
26.02.05 13:57h gamerz.fairwinners kick_member  SuperARSENAL 05
27.02.05 17:30h gamerz.fairwinners kick_member  fcnmuelli
27.02.05 17:34h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  P65W
28.02.05 20:26h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  FGP Cele
02.03.05 17:32h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  Killer
02.03.05 17:38h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  FrTz784
02.03.05 19:21h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  Puma
02.03.05 19:22h gamerz.fairwinners new_member  Juffzge
02.03.05 23:25h gamerz.fairwinners leave_league  International Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
03.03.05 18:31h gamerz.fairwinners change_name  The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz
05.03.05 22:38h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz kick_member  UtdSaban007
07.03.05 17:16h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz kick_member  newstarlegend
09.03.05 19:50h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz kick_member  geborener Meister
10.03.05 20:02h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz kick_member  nady9000
10.03.05 22:46h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz leave_member  LARS HAMB.
11.03.05 18:40h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz kick_member  MaxMeister007
11.03.05 18:40h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz kick_member  Psychokicker
13.03.05 20:16h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz leave_member  P65W
13.03.05 21:05h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz leave_member  Juffzge
14.03.05 21:32h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz new_member  Juffzge
14.03.05 22:48h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz leave_member  Puma
15.03.05 17:41h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz new_member  P65W
15.03.05 18:01h The Abilty of Playing Soccer.gamerz change_name  sLeeve.The Abilty of Playing Soccer
15.03.05 18:14h sLeeve.The Abilty of Playing Soccer change_name  The Abilty of Playing Soccer..gamerz
20.03.05 22:03h The Abilty of Playing Soccer..gamerz new_member  The_Flo
21.03.05 13:07h The Abilty of Playing Soccer..gamerz new_member  Marvin5888
21.03.05 20:44h The Abilty of Playing Soccer..gamerz new_member  MIrk0
22.03.05 18:08h The Abilty of Playing Soccer..gamerz new_member  Tombo
02.04.05 09:23h The Abilty of Playing Soccer..gamerz change_name  Don.Fifa
03.04.05 14:23h Don.Fifa change_name  Don.Ladder
03.04.05 18:36h Don.Ladder set_parent  Don - Gangsters since 1998
03.04.05 18:37h Don.Ladder set_parent  Don - Gangsters since 1998
03.04.05 18:40h Don.Ladder change_name  Don.Fifa Ladder
07.04.05 13:46h Don.Fifa Ladder leave_member  LevsPower
10.04.05 17:39h Don.Fifa Ladder new_member  LevsPower
15.04.05 21:15h Don.Fifa Ladder wanna_join_league  Ger Fifa 2005 Clanwar Amateur Series
16.04.05 03:22h Don.Fifa Ladder join_league  Ger Fifa 2005 Clanwar Amateur Series
16.04.05 09:34h Don.Fifa Ladder change_name  Don.Fifa EAS
16.04.05 21:00h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  MohAmed2k5
17.04.05 20:22h Don.Fifa EAS leave_league  Ger Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
17.04.05 22:03h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Dribbler610
19.04.05 14:46h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  phreak
21.04.05 12:49h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Maik
21.04.05 13:36h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Juffzge
22.04.05 00:01h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Besirko
22.04.05 17:44h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  ottmargille
22.04.05 17:51h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Maik
22.04.05 18:34h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Tombo
22.04.05 18:59h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  ActivePowerPlay
23.04.05 13:27h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Marvin5888
24.04.05 12:18h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Cetchi5
25.04.05 13:15h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  P65W
25.04.05 16:16h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Micha
26.04.05 22:49h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  brY
04.05.05 21:03h Don.Fifa EAS wanna_join_league  International Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
04.05.05 22:49h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Don-GlenFddich
06.05.05 21:22h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  rulZen
08.05.05 15:37h Don.Fifa EAS wanna_join_league  International Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
08.05.05 19:05h Don.Fifa EAS join_league  International Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
11.05.05 18:05h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  FrTz784
12.05.05 14:24h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  TornAdo2k5
14.05.05 00:59h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  TornAdo2k5
02.06.05 19:50h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Punk-Maik
05.06.05 21:10h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Levs
17.06.05 20:25h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  j A n N e S
17.06.05 23:15h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  ano2k5
26.06.05 12:32h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Godlike
04.07.05 16:18h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  yanne2k5
04.07.05 21:16h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Twenty Four Gamer
04.07.05 21:27h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Juffzge
06.07.05 13:43h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  phreak
11.07.05 17:15h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Twenty Four Gamer
11.07.05 20:27h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Marvin5888
11.07.05 21:48h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  Micha
18.07.05 20:14h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  n1-inLoveee
20.07.05 13:25h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  Juffzge
23.07.05 22:48h Don.Fifa EAS leave_member  n1-liebeskummer
28.07.05 19:40h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  crOiX
28.07.05 21:47h Don.Fifa EAS new_member  kullabaer
30.07.05 18:58h Don.Fifa EAS change_name  Don.Fifa EPS
01.08.05 16:08h Don.Fifa EPS new_member  toggo
09.08.05 00:57h Don.Fifa EPS change_name  Cless.Fifa EPS
09.08.05 02:56h Cless.Fifa EPS change_name  Don.Fifa.EPS
12.08.05 19:06h Don.Fifa.EPS leave_league  Ger Fifa 2005 Clanwar Amateur Series
13.08.05 02:22h Don.Fifa.EPS kick_member  B1utgraetscher
13.08.05 12:15h Don.Fifa.EPS kicked_from_league  International Fifa 2005 Clanwar Ladder
13.08.05 23:37h Don.Fifa.EPS new_member  kan
14.08.05 00:13h Don.Fifa.EPS change_name  Team.Don
14.08.05 00:32h Team.Don leave_member  crOiX
14.08.05 00:33h Team.Don new_member  Atze Gille
14.08.05 15:31h Team.Don new_member  Management
14.08.05 16:27h Team.Don new_member  crOiX
04.09.05 20:37h Team.Don kick_member  kullabaer
10.09.05 02:17h Team.Don kick_member  Mirko
25.09.05 21:00h Team.Don kick_member  Celestino
30.09.05 15:42h Team.Don kick_member  crOiX
30.09.05 15:49h Team.Don kick_member  TornAdo2k5
09.10.05 23:11h Team.Don kick_member  ripper
23.12.05 17:04h Team.Don kick_member  kan-goes-06
23.12.05 17:04h Team.Don kick_member  kan-goes-06
23.12.05 17:24h Team.Don new_member  GlenFddich
23.12.05 17:51h Team.Don new_member  Aggro-Juffy
23.12.05 21:48h Team.Don kick_member  Punky
23.12.05 21:49h Team.Don kick_member  Micha
23.12.05 21:57h Team.Don new_member  Chri5topher
23.12.05 22:01h Team.Don new_member  YYkral
23.12.05 22:03h Team.Don new_member  ActivePowerPlay
24.12.05 00:39h Team.Don leave_member  ano2k6
29.12.05 14:09h Team.Don leave_member  Chri5topher
31.12.05 12:12h Team.Don new_member  Chri5topher
10.01.06 21:21h Team.Don new_member  ripper
10.01.06 21:22h Team.Don new_member  Cetchi5
11.01.06 16:22h Team.Don leave_member  brY
11.01.06 19:07h Team.Don new_member  Nick85
19.01.06 18:36h Team.Don leave_member  ActivePowerPlay
22.01.06 20:48h Team.Don leave_member  ripper
23.01.06 14:55h Team.Don leave_member  Cetchi5
23.01.06 22:42h Team.Don new_member  Cetchi5
24.01.06 18:15h Team.Don leave_member  Cetchi5
26.01.06 23:51h Team.Don new_member  Besirko
26.01.06 23:52h Team.Don new_member  aimAzing-ho1zi
28.01.06 22:11h Team.Don leave_member  mIrX
28.01.06 22:14h Team.Don leave_member  AmAzing-ho1zi
29.01.06 22:15h Team.Don new_member  Mauri2
03.02.06 21:49h Team.Don new_member  Sp1aSh
06.02.06 13:10h Team.Don wanna_join_league  Ger FIFA 06 Clanwar Amateur Series
06.02.06 18:01h Team.Don join_league  Ger FIFA 06 Clanwar Amateur Series
10.02.06 13:26h Team.Don new_member  IcEsMoKe
10.02.06 17:21h Team.Don leave_member  Besirko
10.02.06 20:53h Team.Don leave_member  IcEsMoKe
17.02.06 21:29h Team.Don new_member  Markus
19.02.06 19:49h Team.Don new_member  Soccer
21.02.06 13:50h Team.Don new_member  Clanmädchen
26.02.06 12:30h Team.Don leave_member  Chri5topher
26.02.06 13:08h Team.Don new_member  Chri5topher
13.03.06 22:50h Team.Don new_member  Soprano
14.03.06 19:29h Team.Don new_member  Burakinho
21.03.06 19:04h Team.Don leave_member  MaRv
29.03.06 16:29h Team.Don leave_member  Chri5topher
29.03.06 18:09h Team.Don new_member  Chri5topher
05.04.06 21:27h Team.Don new_member  ripper
05.04.06 21:43h Team.Don new_member  Celestino
01.05.06 22:23h Team.Don leave_member  Burakinho
16.05.06 15:36h Team.Don leave_member  Clanmädchen
17.05.06 13:52h Team.Don kick_member  Celestino
17.05.06 13:53h Team.Don kick_member  Kral
17.05.06 13:53h Team.Don kick_member  Chri5topher
17.05.06 21:24h Team.Don new_member  Celestino
11.06.06 23:01h Team.Don leave_league  Ger FIFA 06 Clanwar Amateur Series
13.06.06 22:22h Team.Don new_member  manumerten
13.06.06 22:49h Team.Don new_member  Amigo
14.06.06 16:00h Team.Don kick_member  Celestino
21.06.06 14:12h Team.Don leave_member  Team Don
21.06.06 17:51h Team.Don delete_parent  Don - Gangsters since 1998
22.06.06 00:27h Team.Don change_name  Frozen Bananas.EAS
22.06.06 13:14h Frozen Bananas.EAS change_name  Team.Don
26.06.06 17:41h Team.Don new_member  Management
26.06.06 17:43h Team.Don set_parent  FreaksX Gaming
26.06.06 17:43h Team.Don change_name  FreaksX Gaming.FIFA
26.06.06 18:36h FreaksX Gaming.FIFA delete_parent  FreaksX Gaming
27.06.06 19:59h FreaksX Gaming.FIFA change_name  Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA
27.06.06 20:02h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA set_parent  Competo-Sports
27.06.06 20:05h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA set_parent  Competo-Sports
28.06.06 19:10h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA leave_member  Nick85
29.06.06 08:48h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA leave_member  superhupe
11.07.06 22:34h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA new_member  Thabeus
11.07.06 22:38h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA kick_member  Management
11.07.06 22:50h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA new_member  Bert
11.07.06 22:52h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA new_member  QPool
11.07.06 22:57h Competo Sports.Revoltec FIFA change_name  QPool Sports Revoltec FIFA
12.07.06 10:21h QPool Sports Revoltec FIFA change_name  QPool Sports Revoltec
13.07.06 20:08h QPool Sports Revoltec set_parent  QPool Sports Revoltec
14.07.06 23:06h QPool Sports Revoltec kick_member  Bert
14.07.06 23:08h QPool Sports Revoltec leave_member  Thabeus
16.07.06 23:37h QPool Sports Revoltec new_member  LexX2k6
16.07.06 23:37h QPool Sports Revoltec new_member  link
17.07.06 16:41h QPool Sports Revoltec change_name  Comepto Sports Revoltec
17.07.06 16:46h Comepto Sports Revoltec change_name  Competo Sports Revoltec
18.07.06 10:30h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  QPool
23.07.06 14:14h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  LexX2k6
01.08.06 07:58h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Management
04.08.06 12:47h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  Juffzge
06.08.06 07:38h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  Management
06.08.06 09:16h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  Soccer Retired
06.08.06 11:30h Competo Sports Revoltec delete_parent  Competo Sports Rev.
06.08.06 14:24h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Management
06.08.06 15:17h Competo Sports Revoltec set_parent  Competo Sports Revoltec
08.08.06 01:14h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Chri5topher
11.08.06 16:16h Competo Sports Revoltec kick_member  Management
11.08.06 20:26h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  Markus
11.08.06 20:48h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Nick85
08.10.06 21:02h Competo Sports Revoltec kick_member  Chri5topher
08.10.06 21:02h Competo Sports Revoltec kick_member  Dribbler610
12.10.06 21:46h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Markus
24.12.06 10:25h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  link
24.12.06 20:09h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  SplasH
26.12.06 19:28h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Keule
02.01.07 14:20h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  Amigo
02.01.07 14:20h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  mANu
07.01.07 21:24h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Puskas
08.01.07 17:55h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Amigo
08.01.07 18:58h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  mANu
10.01.07 12:17h Competo Sports Revoltec kick_member  Atze Gille
15.01.07 19:07h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  Keule
16.01.07 08:28h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Atze Gille
16.01.07 17:29h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Lupfer
17.01.07 20:15h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  isylinho
17.01.07 20:48h Competo Sports Revoltec new_member  Burakinho
21.01.07 17:05h Competo Sports Revoltec leave_member  Markus
22.01.07 19:09h Competo Sports Revoltec kick_member  Atze Gille
02.02.07 20:42h Competo Sports Revoltec change_name  Competo.Revoltec
28.03.07 15:33h Competo.Revoltec kick_member  ThaFlo
01.04.07 18:14h Competo.Revoltec new_member  Juffzge
01.04.07 19:33h Competo.Revoltec new_member  Besirko
25.06.07 19:23h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  shejin
25.06.07 19:24h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  iSyLiNhO
25.06.07 19:25h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Nick85
25.06.07 19:30h Competo.Revoltec new_member  basti
25.06.07 19:41h Competo.Revoltec kick_member  NeVio
25.06.07 19:47h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Toggo
25.06.07 19:54h Competo.Revoltec new_member  jR
25.06.07 20:00h Competo.Revoltec new_member  BennyBenassi
25.06.07 20:06h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Bronstar
25.06.07 21:17h Competo.Revoltec new_member  ImBa
25.06.07 23:22h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Burakinho
26.06.07 17:07h Competo.Revoltec new_member  Bundy
02.07.07 21:10h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Puskas
03.07.07 15:58h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Killa
05.07.07 12:36h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  basti
06.07.07 20:47h Competo.Revoltec new_member  AceLike
06.07.07 20:47h Competo.Revoltec new_member  AceLike
11.07.07 18:55h Competo.Revoltec kick_member  KeMa
17.07.07 19:29h Competo.Revoltec new_member  fraQ
24.09.07 18:31h Competo.Revoltec new_member  painoR
27.12.07 15:39h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  DIE_WURST
27.12.07 23:57h Competo.Revoltec kick_member  ImBa
28.12.07 16:53h Competo.Revoltec new_member  EuGeN
30.12.07 13:08h Competo.Revoltec new_member  andY
30.12.07 13:14h Competo.Revoltec new_member  niLssoN
01.01.08 22:24h Competo.Revoltec new_member  n1ck
06.01.08 23:17h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Amigo
06.01.08 23:22h Competo.Revoltec new_member  Amigo
16.01.08 19:00h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  EuGeN
17.01.08 19:56h Competo.Revoltec kick_member  niLssoN
17.01.08 20:19h Competo.Revoltec kick_member  Juffzge
26.01.08 11:33h Competo.Revoltec new_member  Logi
28.01.08 20:59h Competo.Revoltec new_member  Burner
29.01.08 21:30h Competo.Revoltec new_member  dRo
11.02.08 22:10h Competo.Revoltec leave_member  Logi
13.03.08 16:48h Competo.Revoltec new_member  nEo
05.06.08 16:27h Competo.Revoltec change_name  Competo.ZYKON
12.06.08 15:12h Competo.ZYKON change_name  Competo.ZYKON systems
12.06.08 15:13h Competo.ZYKON systems change_name  Competo.ZYKON
12.06.08 15:13h Competo.ZYKON change_name  Competo.ZYKON systems
17.06.08 11:22h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Traudtinho
17.06.08 13:21h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Mauri
17.06.08 14:24h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  painoR
17.06.08 23:02h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  Daniel
20.06.08 12:08h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  GlenFddich
20.06.08 14:42h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  n1ck
24.06.08 00:41h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Vander
24.06.08 06:14h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Lupus
24.06.08 11:35h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  dRo
26.06.08 20:49h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  Amigo
26.06.08 20:49h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  Acey
23.07.08 23:05h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  nEo
30.07.08 23:09h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Tysker
30.07.08 23:25h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  aVar1ce
30.07.08 23:56h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  dRo
03.08.08 18:17h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Holy_DeViL
03.08.08 22:28h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Juffzge
07.12.08 19:27h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Holy_DeViL
07.12.08 20:37h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Juffzge
08.12.08 15:08h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Tysker
23.12.08 16:36h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  liu
07.01.09 22:50h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  dRo
09.01.09 02:02h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  CoCoBaNaNa
09.01.09 21:29h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Cristiano
21.04.09 23:23h Competo.ZYKON systems new_child  Competo.ZYKON systems
22.06.09 09:09h Competo.ZYKON systems set_nationalteam_status  Competo.ZYKON systems
22.06.09 09:25h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  liu
22.06.09 11:11h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  aVar1ce
24.06.09 21:56h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Traudtinho
28.06.09 18:23h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Easy
28.06.09 19:38h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Kiv
06.07.09 19:19h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  BennyBenassi
18.07.09 13:09h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Amigo
18.07.09 21:03h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Lupus
20.07.09 15:30h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  CoCoBaNaNa
22.07.09 19:06h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  niLssoN
22.07.09 19:13h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  SplasH
23.07.09 00:03h Competo.ZYKON systems set_nationalteam_status  Competo.ZYKON systems
22.09.09 19:41h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  SplasH / by 878150
15.12.09 08:16h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  andY
15.12.09 16:23h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  Inaktive Thx ALL / by 467004
15.12.09 16:24h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  j0hn DiLLinger / by 467004
15.12.09 16:24h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  Amigo / by 467004
04.01.10 19:08h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  niLssoN
04.01.10 19:12h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Cristiano
05.01.10 13:53h Competo.ZYKON systems leave_member  Kiv
12.01.10 00:35h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Era
12.01.10 16:37h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  SaLz0r
12.01.10 16:40h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  Betze
21.01.10 20:18h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  TornAdo
11.07.10 17:19h Competo.ZYKON systems new_member  zoiT
29.07.10 20:00h Competo.ZYKON systems kick_member  zoiT / by 1320641
29.07.10 20:01h Competo.ZYKON systems change_name  ClesZ Gaming
30.07.10 09:58h ClesZ Gaming change_name  La escalada
30.07.10 12:09h La escalada delete_parent  Competo.ZYKON systems
30.07.10 12:10h La escalada leave_member  Bundy
05.09.10 20:09h La escalada change_name  myRevenge
06.09.10 22:29h myRevenge change_name  myRevenge e.V.
12.09.10 18:47h myRevenge e.V. set_parent  myRevenge e.V.
03.01.11 19:31h myRevenge e.V. change_name  Clanlos.EPS
09.01.11 04:32h Clanlos.EPS change_name  WeMakeThat! FIFA
09.01.11 04:33h WeMakeThat! FIFA set_parent  WeMakeThat! Main
09.01.11 18:38h WeMakeThat! FIFA leave_member  TornAdo
17.01.11 12:32h WeMakeThat! FIFA new_member  niLssoN
17.01.11 12:53h WeMakeThat! FIFA new_member  gimli
15.02.11 07:22h WeMakeThat! FIFA received_award  Received award "eslmatches_teams_silver"
04.04.11 10:58h WeMakeThat! FIFA kick_member  Vander / by 143721
28.03.12 12:25h MeetYour.Makers received_award  Received award "1st Place EPS 19 Germany - FIFA 11 5on5" for league ESL Pro Series Winter Season 2011 FIFA 11 Playoffs (Id:66393)
28.05.13 13:50h MeetYour.Makers received_award  Received award "eslmatches_teams_bronze"
28.05.13 16:05h MeetYour.Makers received_award  Received award "eslmatches_teams_silver"

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