Winter Cup 2011 - Winners
The PokerTH Winter Cup 2011 is now complete. The participants have given their best and for three it has been worth it. The dates were not always adhered, but we are satisfied with the activity and the results. We are also keep our eyes peeled on a continuation.

PokerTH Winter Cup 2011 - The winners!


The first three places get following prizes:

Moo             3 months

crusher      2 months

DeVidts             1 month 

Congratulations on your placements, and also, thanks to the remaining participants for the smooth expiration of the tournament.
It would be nice if you could also join the EU 1on1 Ladders, too.

PokerTH - EU 1on1 Fixed Ladder Sign up

PokerTH - EU 1on1 Heads-Up Ladder Sign up

PokerTH - EU 1on1 Turbo Ladder Sign up

For further questions we reprovide the PokerTH Board.

Best regards
Your Admin Team

Master_FM, Sunday, 15/01/12 14:33
PokerTH Winter Cup 2011
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The winner will get their prices soon!
devidts pitiful ...
Congratulations Moo
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