I dont want only Polish and German admins in ESL!
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Hello everybody, i write this because i dont want anymore to be discriminated from Polish and German players, which are covered from Polish and German admins.In ESL 80% of the admins are from Poland and Germany, thats why Polish and German players are untouchable and covered by the double decisions rules from admins.They  decide everything , every time for players from his country.This is  discrimination here in ESL.I want to have admins from minimum 6 countries, because like everybody knows only patges and Cejlon take  your protests.Only Cejlon is 100% independence and i cant say bad word for him.But patges and more 2 admins always make what they want.
Why have no admin in ESL staff from Bulgaria, from Italy, from Spain???ONly Germany and Poland...this is big fail...and also ESL staff is from maybe 3 4 admins, which are not  active at all the time only patges and Cejlon...I dont want anymore one match patges to delete it  because i have no screen,other time  he give to german player only pp but rate the match, again for missing screenshot.This is double decision and discriminate...
Please admins tell me  to who i must write to STOP this and to have changes in ESL admins staff... Also i want admin from country which is one  of the players in some match cant  take the  protest or everything.
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thank you for nice words, as many admins know me, I will not lie...so that is why im gonna be harras sometimes emoticon-tongue

but I update pokerth staff atm, so there we have clearer situation.

To be honest I dont know what I can say, if you have any problem with decision, you should know u can always write to me, and I will try to explain it as best as I can, but without warning from comunity I cant find all bad things.

Im here to work with you and be your partner to improve our comunity, I want to hope that other admin try it too. But if there will be any important offence I have to do, what needs to be done.

We also looking for candidates for admins from other countries, not only Ger and PL. Because we want to avoid favor to our national player( but when u ask ppl from Poland, they dont like me, cuz Ive never help them more than otheremoticon-tongue)

Next thing is, that I want to announce one news about most of pokerth rules, to explain everything, and kill every misunderstanded situation.

Last thing is, that you judge our staff a bit unfair in nationality meaning, cuz we have:
1 x Ger
1 x Swiss
1 x Belgium
1 x UA
2 x PL( where one is offline)

it might be cuz poker staff team, wast update for long time emoticon-tongue

And if you fell discriminated open ticket or write me pw directly, then we will do sth with it...there is no1 who is untouchable(for me, cuz I dont know how is the real emoticon-tongue)
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// ESL Admin Team
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patges wrote:

--> 15/10/11 22:44 --> XDD

I think same that fairplay, just see protests in CC... everyday waiting for admin's answer and no answer there.. Cejlon,please, we need yuor help in those protests emoticon-grin or it never ending(52 coments,only 2 of all from admin)
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