2on2 Special Cup
It is time to try something new. We want to announce you a special 2on2 Cup.
All 4 players sit at one table with the system: Last Man Standing.
Are you ready to try out something new?

What can I win?

In the weekly Pokernights you cannot win any premiumprizes. But a few months ago the ESL introduced several new cup awards. Check out this news to find out more.

PokerTH 2on2 Special Cup


Wednesday, 26th October 2011 - Start: 19:00
32 teams Single Elimination Cup

  • Max players: 4
  • Startmoney: 5.000$
  • Change Blinds settings to: 1st small blind 10$ / 1st big blind 20$ & raise blinds every 10 rounds
  • Time to act: 20 seconds
  • Password: As you wish
  • Nickname: ESL gameaccounts are mandatory

!!! For evereything obtains the rules of the PokerTH 2on2 Ladder! !!!


21.10.1120:00 pmBegin of registration
Sign Up
26.10.1118:00 pmEnd of registration
26.10.1118:30 pmCheck-In Start
26.10.1118:50 pmEnd of Check-In
26.10.11till 18:59 pmDirect Sign Up
26.10.11 19:00 pm1st round
PokerTH Client
26.10.11 19:45 pm2nd round
26.10.11 20:30 pm3rd round
26.10.11 21:15 pm4th round
26.10.11 22:00 pmMatch for 3rd place
PokerTH Client
26.10.11 22:00 pmFinal

> > Sign up! < <

Feel free to signup to this cup and we wish all of you a good hand and loads of chips. And remember, when there are five aces on the table, something must be wrong.

Check-In System

In this Cup we’ll use the ESL „Check-In System”. If you don’t know the handling, here’s a short explication.

Step 1 - Reservation (green)

Here you can reserve you place in this cup, but you have to affirm your participation later.

Step 2 - Affirmation (yellow)

30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to affirm your participation, if you have done that, you’re in the Cup.

Step 3 - Entry (red)

You didn’t get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still entering the cup 20 minutes before starting!

If you have any problems or questions, please write a support ticket!

Check out our 1on1 and 2on2 ladders to get some practice. See you on the tables!

Best regards
your admin team
dywlkr, Friday, 21/10/11 14:57
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comments (49)
need high teamplayer, TOP!!!!! more priv.
that is good idea to make 2on2 cup :) good luck to everyone
barred players can play?
barred play can not play! why too`?

Admin good idea for 2on2 cup nice :)

Sani and SFTO final round ;)
1 edits
Sani and SFTO ?
never :D
i cant sign up, and it's after 18:42, after the check in finished
we can't sign up?

this team also pls
1 edits
why on tournament tree is still empty????when we start?
where is the tree?? where is the cup?? admin is the secound cup it was not start
when we start play ?
Hello, Admin out there in orbit?
when will we start? many people have a rl and wanna f.c. the wifes!!!^^ common, hurry up guys!! my pistol gets hot in here!!!^^
stick your anaconda in your wife, i mean no admin is here, so cup will not start!

Go, give her your pistol!!!^^
bibabeluna bibabeluna
admins??? 19:10 statement please'!

1 edits
go smokingafter it, when cup doesn´t start, we play Crossfire! or with our wifes! -.-
1 edits
yeah that's right elo!!!
i search m8! fast !!
it went wrong with sign up alreddy ...
now? noOb
useless admins here? where are they? cant sigh up for more then an hour or so, can check-in, cant start the matches without them.
you don´t need a m8, no cup!
hay admin we cant sign up.

please help,

team : http://www.esl.eu/de/#/de/team/6309760/
now u search for a m8??? i find my m8 before 33 years in my brother dude!!!^^
no m8 ? :S
Daumen nach oben für die admins ;)

pls start the cup, thx ;)
write support ticket with the 2on2 cup and flame this esl eu admin team !!!! i write a ticket in eu sektion and will a statesment why the cup is not start!! secount time the first cup is not starting too
Yes we all wright now a ticket and flame!!! -.-
this is unbelieveable , why admins are so quiet now, pp for them for no show :D :D :D USELESS!
some team want 2on2 in ladder now? challenge us.......... greez schlapi & ofc1978
Why in EU Forum stands: we search Admins?

8 Admins are there, but no one can make a cup, so only one admin is enough for this Shit here! :(((
Hi there...
our team " die Pokernaps" can`t sign up here!!!!
we wann join the tournament!!!! please contact the acc:
pls fast answer
no cup, you see!
why? it doesn't starts
OK can somebody find only 1 admine who is online now and ask him for the situation... what is this , shame...useless, i think its time for change admine team!
+1 fair-play
+1 fair-play

so, we play Crossfire, bye bye!
CUP STARTED! nice 34minutes good job! :)
gj Admin! -.-
ah thx for delete the comments here nice ;)
i'm seeking one mate for 2on2 ladders/cups on ESL, u can contact me on steam (add: watibillou) or by ESL private msg.

nice cup, good idea !
i'm seeking one mate for 2on2 on ESL
+1 nice
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