Elite Cup Series v1 : Start !
Here we go ! We actually launch our first Elite Cup Series ! This cup is open for everyone player of the game level 30 + who wants to fight to be the best PokerTH player. Read the news to know about the rules applied on this cup.


Start: Monday 16.04.2012 19:00 CET

Setting the table:
  • Max players: 2
  • Startmoney: $3.000
  • Blinds settings: 1st small blind $10
  • Raise blinds every 10 rounds
  • Time to act: 20 seconds
  • Password: As you wish
  • Single Elimination
Questions ? Support ticket
  • Entered PokerTH Nickname
  • min game level 30
Sign-Up: NOW to 16.04.2012 19:00 CET


Check-In System

Step 1 - Reservation Here you can reserve a place in the cup, but you have to confirm your participation later.

Step 2 - Confirmation 40 minutes before the cup starts, you have to confirm your participation, if you have done that, you're in the Cup.

Step 3 - Entry You didn't get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still entering the cup 10 minutes before starting!

Prices, Hall of Fame & Cup Awards

To establish a consistent ranking and especially in order to choose our 8 finalists, the points will be awarded for every Cup. The top 8 players who have collected the most points will be qualified for the finals. The distribution of points is as well :

Cup Series - Ranking Points

The Finals of each Cup Series will take place during the 1st week of the next month, 8 players will compete in single elimination. You will have 2 days per Round.

The top 3 of each playoff will get the following ESL Premium prizes:

1st place: 3 months Premium
2nd place: 2 months Premium
3rd place: 1 month Premium

The Finals of each Cup Series (beginner and pro) will take place during the 1st week of the next month, 8 players will compete in single elimination. You will have 2 days per Round.

The top 3 player of each cup will be displayed in our Hall of Fame. You also have the chance to get additional cups for participating (even if you don't win a match) and for winning cup matches. Here you can find all cup awards.

Questions & Support

If you have any further questions, problems or feedback, you can always post in our forum or open a Support Ticket.

// Your Admin-Team
Lamee, Wednesday, 11/04/12 23:22
comments (5)
1on1 Elite Cup Series v1 only 32 players/
it is bad
we want to play)
1 edits
64 slots !
in check in I have
Error cup_already_full
ach hate luckers.. but gg
1 edits
I hurry home, but as a result don't play thanx to check-in only for 32.

change this problem in future
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