Go4 #6 Finally, finals!
Is this a déjà-vu? It certainly feels like one, with MaNa returning from Finland and TSLHyuN waiting for him, it is the same rivalry all over again, with only Acer.Nerchio missing in the Go4SC2 trio.
Tonight TSLHyuN and MaNa will play against other familiar faces like FXOElbgast and Acer.Bly who all have a shot at taking home 500€ prize money. If you want to see some great Starcraft 2 action be sure to tune in to ESL TV tonight!

In Go4LoL East and West we have the finals coming up right before the gamescom on the 9th of August where ONE FOR ONE, mTw (west) FLYtoHIGH (east) and many more teams will head for 500€ prize money. Finally we also have some good exciting news on the tournament code cup which took place yesterday! For more information check out the following link:

EUW - The Tournament Code Public Test Cup

As always for more information on all Go4 cups around the world check out all the links below.

Wednesday Go4LoL Benelux
Saturday Go4LoL Portugal
Sunday Go4LoL West
Sunday Go4LoL East
Sunday Go4LoL Poland
Sunday Go4LoL France
Sunday Go4LoL Italy
Sunday Go4LoL Romania
Sunday Go4LoL Spain

Wednesday Go4SC2 Europe
Thursday Go4SC2 Europe
Sunday Go4SC2 Europe
Sunday Go4SC2 Poland
Sunday Go4SC2 Czech
Sunday Go4SC2 Spain

Sunday Go4CSGO

Sunday Go4WoT
Sunday Go4WoT CIS

Monday Go4BF3
SoniK.kaos, Monday, 06/08/12 12:44
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