PokerTH New Version 0.9 released
PokerTH is now available in the new final Version 0.9!
Please use from now the new Version in all ladders and cups.
Usually PokerTH should remind you after the next start, that there's a new Version available.
The biggest effect in this new version, is that you can join now again a match after disconnecting!


2012-01-04 version 0.9:

- Players are able to rejoin internet games after being disconnected
- The chat bot is now also present in ranking games
- Tooltip and rating system for other players
- Linking connected players in the game info box to poker-heroes player data
- Country flag name is displayed in a tooltip
- New game list filter (show only ranking games)
- Show cards chances also after fold
- Private messages in the lobby chat are possible (use /msg command)
- Automatically leave the table after the game finished (optional)
- After a certain timeout, players are switched to an "autofold" state
- Maximum limit for highest set and minimum raise
- Automatic notifications before server restart
- Ensure that the ranking data is stored even if the DB server is not available
- Support single internet server password
- Optional unlimited thinking time in network games
- Performance improvements in network code
- Sound when blinds increase
- Several small bugfixes

For further questions we reprovide the PokerTH Board.

Best regards
Your Admin Team
patges, Thursday, 05/01/12 10:37

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hf & gl
Finally they did a great job.
patges wrote:
hf & gl
finally new version nice :)
in 4 matchs i saw 3 pokerstars's hands =(((
0.9.1 :PP
i see many people have problem with 0.9.1 here 0.9.0 - http://www.mediafire.com/?14k2r90h8ksk0rc or
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