Section Opening Cup **UPDATE**
Try to move up PlayOk with us! Sign up to our first Opening Cup with great prizes. It's the best time to get some break with this short and funny games form our Polish partners.

Cup has been moved to Sunday 16.10.2011 19:00 CEST, Because of staff technical problem.
Sorry for that


Enjoy with our community and read some details about that

Our First Opening Game Will be Ludo!

* Tournament: 1on1 Ludo Open Cup
* Players: 32
* Type: Single Elimination
* Score: bo1
* Time to be late: 10 min
* Table settings: private game, 5min, non rated.
* After match take a screen[ how to get correct?]
* PlayOk nickname added as gameaccount!

When will we play?

Sign up!
14.10.2011Friday17:00End of registration
16.10.2011Friday19:00Round 1
16.10.2011Friday19:30Round 2
16.10.2011Friday20:00Round 3
16.10.2011Friday20:30Match for 3rd place
End of tournament

> > Sign up! < <

What can I win?

PlayOK 1on1 Ludo Open Cup

  1st place- ESL Premium for 2 months.
  2nd place ESL Premium for 1 month.

Any questions?

If you have any problems or questions, please write a support ticket here
We hope to built PlayOK section with you!
Best Regards
Staff Team
Cejlon, Saturday, 15/10/11 10:55
comments (12)
good news
mehh I can't that evening :(( nice initiative though!
Will there be cups for the other games too?
please introduce backgammon and go!
You can be sure that we will make as many cups as possible :)
what is with this tournament?>
yeah lol admins
gj admins
-_-... all w/o :>
News Updated
Screen shot + moss?
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