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Hi Admin,

maybe u can organize a Chess-Cup ?
The other games in session Playok have the autumn cup, maybe we can play some "Quick and Dirty Cups" like the one in other sessions.

Another Question is, if u can "push" playok a little bit more, that more active player join the ladder.

Maybe every player in the ladder can write to friends.

Best regards,
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Yes, we will announce PlayOK on the main esl page,

Chess cup of course comming soon emoticon-grin

What about invitation, we send an emails to players, but we cannot force them to invite new players, it is only the good wil of players,

We can play together, if u would help us to invite new players, we could prepare everything what u wantemoticon-grin
Make sure in my national section, everybody know about playokemoticon-grin
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Hi kinG,

Thanks for your concern about the PlayOK section!
Behind the scenes we are busy with preparing some things, which should be announced in some time.

Enjoy your games!
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