Draughts in PlayOK!
It is time for new game in PlayOK. This time it is Draughts!
We are pretty sure you will show your skill not only in ladder but in our Sunday Night Cup too! We hope you all will built this section with us to get fun together.

Cup & Ladder

Join our Sunday Cup and next check details about new ladder in PlayOK section!

> > Sign up! < <

* Ladder: 1on1 Draughts
* Rules: check here
* Main rule: Just Fun ;)
* You can find me You can find it there
* After match take a screen[ how to get correct?]
* PlayOk nickname added as gameaccount!
* Sign Up!

After all remember about Moss!

Using MOSS 1.07:

Download MOSS. Check the link under the table
Unpack and run it.
MOSS has to be run by administrator to work corectly
In MOSS push "Capture", and next push "Start".
After click "Capture" in the end of your game click "Stop".
MOSS will pack all files to his own folder.
send ZIP.
set the game as pointblank to work correctly

"Click->Parameters->Capture Frequency->1"

This small program helps to prevent against every boosters

Cejlon, Thursday, 03/11/11 18:25
PlayOK 1on1 Ludo Ladder
Draughts Cup
Draughts Ladder
comments (2)
Hope this ladder would be very cool for honest players without cheet programs! Because those who had experience with skype russian checkers will understand me.

And I have some qute questions

ok so I couldn't find in Parameters Game Type: Sociable there was only ranked and no ranked will it have huge influence on the game?

also I couldn't find which draughts is played on this ladder usual one (8x8) or 10x10 no info about this maybe it's predetermined by PlayOk?

ladder match is in bo1 mode right?

& about this Moss tool, as I understand it makes with parameter 1 one scrshot per minute randomly ok I think it would be pretty cool to prevent cheeters but there is one more "but"
what if player will use some cheet program on their laptops how you will react on those protests if smbdy will get opponent with well planned game that is available to those only who played a lot of time and have huge experience of playing dgraughts or who use graughts programms that make turns for you?

ty in advance
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@"ok so I couldn't find in Parameters Game Type: Sociable there was only ranked and no ranked will it have huge influence on the game?" Non ranked is correct.
@ in playok is 8x8 game.
@ third question about second computers, thats why we need experienced ppl in our staff :)

If any other question, fell free to ask
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