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João 'Jonas' Quinteira  id: 5608931
This player account is frozen and can not generate any 1on1 matches (challenge) or be generated (be challenged/Auto-challenger). Open 1on1 and 2on2 matches may be played, the player may however not compete in any other team matches. See below for details on the freeze.

Name João Quinteira
Nick Jonas
Member since 22/01/11
Age / Gender 20 Years / male
Nationality  Portugal
Country Portugal
Occupation Estudante
Main team --
Homepage --
Level & Awards
Penaltypoints (12) Currently banned in all leagues because of too many penalty points.
expires on 12/07/14
12 Points Cheating
- Cheating - Wire Anti Cheat - Reha rejected-
30/10/12 - 12/07/14 New Penalty Points Level
VS. Placements

Banned from VS.

Unlimited barrage Until 02/07/32 00:44
Recent matches
  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 1on1 Summer League 2012
loss pissaC  0 Sunday, 01/07/12 21:00 2
  HaxBall 1on1 Ladder
draw Stewie  0 Monday, 02/04/12 13:20 5
loss Del Piero  -21 Monday, 02/04/12 12:33 2
loss Essjun  -24 Friday, 23/03/12 19:51 4
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