3on3 Demolition Opening Cup
Some days ago we announced the comeback of Operation 7 and the support of the VERSUS matchmaking system. Today we have some good news. In the next coming days we're going to open the ladders. To celebrate this we announe a 3on3 Demolition Cup with great in-game prizes provied by Mgame!

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

Yes, you read right! ESL Wire Anti-Cheat does now support Operation 7 which is going to be mandatory for all ladders, cups and VERSUS matches! No more wasting time on worring about cheaters and fully focus on your matches.
ESL Wire Download

1. Place
For each player:
1x 15 days MGame-ammo of your choice
1x 15 days Assault Pack TP1 or TP2 or TP3
1x 15 days Health Recovery Injector
1x 15 days Stemina Recovery Injector

2. Place
For each player:
1x 7 days MGame-ammo of your choice
1x 3 days Assault Pack TP1 or TP2 or TP3
1x 3 days Health Recovery Injector
1x 3 days Stemina Recovery Injector

3. Place
For each player:
1x 7 days MGame-ammo of your choice
1x 3 days Assault Pack TP1 or TP2 or TP3

Game Settings

Information Start: 27.05.2012
End: 03.06.2012
Interval: 1 hour
System: Single Elimination
Gametype: Demolition
Structur Game 1: 27.05.2012 21:00 (CEST)
Game 2: 27.05.2012 22:00 (CEST)
Game 3: 03.06.2012 21:00 (CEST)
Game 4: 03.06.2012 22:00 (CEST)
Rules Game Type: Demolition
Game Time: 2 minutes
Map Time Zone: Daytime
Spawn Type: Condition
Condition to win: The 8th explosion
Enable: Crosshair, Break-In, Friendly Fire, P. Weapon
Channel: All matches must be played on the Cup Channel!
!!You must play both sides!!
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Banned Suits: EOD Sets, NSC and Policia
Banned Items: All backpack items are banned! (e.g. injectors, additional ammo, quick switch etc.).
Banned Weapons: All primary shotguns and all grenade launchers.

Grenades/knives are allowed but max. two grenades and only one of each type (e.g. one smoke and one frag).

MCash Ammo is allowed for primary and secondary weapons.

Always make sure you start Operation 7 using ESL Wire.


Power Plant
Train Station
Sand Storm
Down The Stream

Admin Support

You can contact us on the Forum or by submitting a Support Ticket. The rules are based on community feedback. Cup related questions can be posted on the comments.

Operation 7 is powered by

Freezy, Tuesday, 22/05/12 13:03
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comments (10)
nice rules!
Not Perfect but good ones ;)
Mcash allowed ....
learn to play f2p...
only ammo and a 2 slot belt are allowed
i think this is fair...
i think there should be more control for injectors cause there are backbags you can't see... i would prefer no limit for the injects.
nicee :)
@Portugese, you can see all backpacks quite well!
@ignazfresse can be most fair
isn't there normally an announcement of the winners?
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