Golden Cup 2on2 Deathmatch *Important Update*
Again you will be fighting in classic style.
No FiaaCash and no lottery items allowed.
This time you will be facing your opponent just with 1 other
teammate in our 2on2 Deathmatch cup, a gametype we haven't used for a while.
Die, respawn and get back in the fight right away! No more waiting
for the others to die to respawn.

The winners will receive a prize this time for their well spended gold.

The rules are the same as last time: No FiaaCash, no lottery items and
still no grenadelauncher allowed.
The match dates are the 12th and 13th (Saturday and Sunday) of March, 2011 at 5pm (Central European Time).

Every violation of the rules turns into a DQ for the whole team.
Important: If you catch an opponent player who's violating the rules you will have to proof it with a video
or a screenshot and open a Protest for this match.
Remember that we can't proceed against a team without a clear proof.

The Cup will be a 16 Slot Double Elemination (Loser Braket) Cup, this is the same system like the last Cup. If there are more then 32 teams registered we maybe switch to a 32 slot cup.

*Important Update*
We've changed the gamesettings. Please, read them again.

All Games should be played on the Cup Server!

We saw last time some matches were only played on one side. Please dont forget to change the sides after the first game is over!

1. Place

30 days Beanie


15 days Beanie


7 days Beanie

Information Begin: 12.03.2011
Gameinterval: 1 hour
Players: Max 16
System: Double Elimination
Gametype: Deathmatch
Structur Game 1: 12.03.2011 17:00(CEST)
Game 2: 12.03.2011 18:00(CEST)
Game 3: 12.03.2011 19:00(CEST)
Game 4: 12.03.2011 20:00(CEST)
Game 5: 13.03.2011 17:00(CEST)
Game 6: 13.03.2011 18:00(CEST)
Game 7: 13.03.2011 19:00(CEST)
Game 8: 13.03.2011 20:00(CEST)
Rules Game Type: Deathmatch
Game time: 20 minutes
Map Time Zone: Daytime
Spawn Type: Condition
Condition to win: The 200th kill
Enable: Crosshair and Break-In
Disable: Friendlyfire
Autospawn must be on!
Forbidden Items: Grenade Launcher (prim. and sec.)
!!You must play both sides!!
Links !!Sign up!!
Tournament Tree

There will be a Check-In 60 Minutes before the Cup starts. All Players, who signed up before, must klick the ckeck-in to participate at the Cup.

The FiAA items will only be given to the players who are on the final podium.


Industry Town
Ruins Factory
Diamond Bridge
Hellway 1
Hellway 2

Admin Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: SchmantFRED, Freezy, C-style and bgashi

You can also contact us by submitting a Support Ticket or visiting Operation7 Section Forum.
SchmantFRED, Sunday, 27/02/11 22:36
comments (3)
Wo sind die lukrativen Preise von damals hin ? :(
Kriegt ihr weniger bereitgestellt?
Nicht nur dass die Preise deutlich haben federn lassen, sie wurden bis jetzt ja noch nichtmal ausgezahlt...
this is European section so please use English.

about the prices. These are gold cups. We try to give back what user use in this cup.
And its bad to hear that players only join cups to get prices... in other games noone cares
if they get prices or not.

about the payout: we gave the winnerlist to FIAA so its up to them when they pay out the prices.
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