Weekly Cup: Booya
As of now we want to offer you something new: A Weekly Cup where you can show off your skills in one chosen game. This week Booya has been chosen for our Weekly. Don't hesitate and check-in now!

Weekly Cup: Booya

Down below all necessary information for this Weekly.

Weekly Cup: Booya
  • Slots: 16 SE, Bo3
  • Start: 16.1.12 19:00 CET
  • Checkin Start: 16.1.12 18:30 CET
  • Late Sign Up: 16.1.12 18:40- 19:00 CET
  • Support: #esl.omgpop

Sign Up Weekly Cup: Booya


Most important is to send your matchlink via the matchcomments to your opponent. As soon as the match is finished you have to upload the matchmedia in the match. Modus will be Best of Three so we expect at least 2 screenshots of each player.


The game for the next Weekly hasn't been chosen yet, leave your comments in this news to propose a game you'd like to play.

Well, we really hope (as usual) you sign-in and - even more important - show up to play, have fun and whatever else is needed for a cup,

Your Admin Team
Sims, Monday, 16/01/12 15:54
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push cup !! mass cups!
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