VERSUS. available for OMGPOP
As of now we offer VERSUS. for OMGPOP 1on1. VERSUS. is the brand new playing system in the ESL. It takes only two clicks for you to find an even matched opponent within seconds.

Individual rankings keep track of your success. VERSUS. beta is in it's final phase now which means you don't have to sign up especially for the beta but can start at once.
Less rules, less mousing around - simply more matches and faster fun. New players can call up additional information in the VERSUS. portal.

VERSUS. Portal

Click the PLAY button, choose OMGPOP and play VERSUS. matches any time. We have different games to offer, at the moment it's Balloono Balloono, Sky Pigs Sky Pigs, Pool Pool,
Booya Booya, BalloonoSwapples and Fleet Figther.

After you found a match you have 2 games to choose from. Each player can select one. Should both players choose a different game the system will generate a chanced match. In the lobby you will also again find the rules for the game settings. For example it's important you're not trying to play as guest but logged in. Those who generate fake matches will get kicked faster than they will expect. You should take a screenshot even though you don't have to upload any match media just in case a Vote will become necessary.

Your Admin Team

DJKnuffel, Sunday, 16/10/11 12:44
VERSUS. Portal
comments (3)
Nice work admins. What about make a new cup ? :)
n1 :)
Nice Work ! :D
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