MMC December
This is your last chance for the year 2010 to participate and win the Most Matches Competition. Who won the MMC November? What game is in for December? Read on to find out!

What can I win?

The player with the most matches in a selected ladder will get 1 month premium.

Most Matches Competition - September

This month's ladder:
Time period:
- 1st - 31st December 2010

For more details (and some more games you are active in and might have missed an announcement because admins elsewhere were too busy writing one) check out this news.
What we're late again? Only three days this month, no reason to complain. So, if you're not already in - what are you waiting for? And all others - get playing. hf&gl to all,

Winner of November MMC

Early enough this time we also present the winner with 11 Matches in Balloono.

Better than before but surely someone can top that number of games this month in Booya, can't you?.
Show your activity and play!


Your Admin Team
tontaube, Friday, 03/12/10 17:52
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