Rule Changes for Cups
The total of 19 players who signed-in but didn't show up in our Pool Vote Cup last Thursday and also the huge number of missing players yesterday force us to change the rules and thus hopefully prevent something like that in future cups. The changes published in this news are valid as of now so read on carefully!

No Show in Cups

The number of players who didn't show up was unproportionally high in the last few cups. This is extremely unsportsmanlike behavior and unfair besides, not only towards the admins but also towards the other players who come to play. To prevent this in future cups the following rules are valid as of now:

No Show in first Round of a Cup
Any player who doesn't show up for the first time in the first round of a cup gets one penalty point for 'not present'. For each following cup where he (or she as case may be) doesn't show up in the first round, the PPs are upped to 2. We also reserve the right to exclude players from following cups.

Invite Link
The Invite Link to an OMGPOP Match during a cup has to be posted within the matchchat or matchcomments within 5 minutes. After the link has been posted, the waiting period is 10 minutes. A default win can only be given if the Invite link has been posted correctly, if that's not the case, both players will be taken from the cup.

The rule changes are valid as of now!

We sincerely hope these changes will result in more matches and less default wins in future cups. Come to play not to wait! Hf&gl,

Admin Team

DJKnuffel, Monday, 04/04/11 14:12
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n1 :)

I need this also for my "quick tourney's" :)
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