How2VERSUS - Veto: Tipps & Tricks
While working on the vetos during the past few weeks we noticed that there are different viewpoints as to when a match can be rated via veto and when it can't be. The rate of rejection at the moment is at 90 -95 % so we want to give some hints as to avoid future frustrations.

When to put a veto??

Principally a veto is possible if the matchstatus shows 'no result/no rating' and the match has been played less than 12 hours ago. If the match already has been rated through the system, at the moment there is nothing we can do about it.

How does my veto get accepted?

If a veto in OMGPOP is accepted depends on different facts which of course we explain gladly.

Principally matchmedia aren't compulsory. It's in your own interest to take a screen in matches of each round which shows the result. Examples for the correct screens are shown below.


Pack those screens as a .zip file and add them as proof if you put a veto. Please also ensure your opponent loggs in on omgpop.com before you start a match. If a screen in a veto shows a guest playing these vetos get rejected at once. It doesn't matter whether the guest won or lost.

A decision in a veto also depends on the chat between the players, english is mandatory. It will be checked as well!

Are there Default Wins?

This question can be answered with either 'yeah' or 'nay'.
Definitely yes is the answer if

  • a player admits in the chat that he doesn't want to play the game which has been voted

  • a player enters the result 'no match' even if he demonstratebly has played

  • With no we answer if

  • the player didn't show up and enters 'no result/no match'

  • further information

  • The matches are ALWAYS played as BO3, someone who drops out early has to expect a marking as 'leaver' and also a default loss even if he has won the played round!

  • Prohibitions from the ladder rules (PIN in Balloono etc.) don't influence OMGPOP VERSUS! Meaning, they're not prohibited. Only one Rule is valid for all Games: Matches must be created with Bet Amount 0

  • Insults in a matchchat or in the OMGPOP chat during a match will result in punishment and can lead to a longer Ban in VRSUS so hold your temper.

  • Should you have any further questions simply contact us via support.

    Admin Team
    DJKnuffel, Tuesday, 10/01/12 16:05
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    OMG the worst decision: delete swapples? hahahahha come one u should delete pool and sky pigs not swapples, and add more fast games. NO COMMENT ESL SUX.
    sky pigs should be removed, i ask why not ^^
    Thanks for the information!
    thx for the info !
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