SunOne tries his luck
The Qualification Cup to our first 'Beat an Admin' event was a rather sobering experience. We still managed to find a qualified player who will try his luck first. Why we are rather demoralized now and who will stand up against the admins on Saturday - if you really want to know, read on!

And the winner is ...

Even so we were really demoralized about the participation we let the cup run and thus can announce a winner. This saturday SunOne will play against the Admins with the goal of winning 2000 Coins.

SunOne chose the games "Balloono" and "Pool".
Due to his choice he'll play against Sims and DJKnuffel.

Of course we will inform you about the result because if he doesn't make it, the next can win 4000 Coins.

The Quali Cup

The cup was set to find the best player of 32 for the final on Saturday this weekend. 22 players signed-in for the cup, 'twasn't full but full enough and we we're looking forward to an interesting cupevening. Well. All preparations for nothing as only 3 (say three) players managed to check-in after all.

The Admin team is rather disappointed about this meager participation and we're asking all of you who signed-in why you didn't check-in also. Please let us know where the problem lies so we can prevent something like this in future cups.

Admin Team

DJKnuffel, Thursday, 10/03/11 13:33
Beat an Admin #1 - Quali
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Rose Monday says it all: P
also rose monday :)
I forgot about check in... :(
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